Reasons Why Oil Change Is Necessary For Your Vehicle!

Hey, hey! Today, in this article all we are going to talk about is why is changing your engine oil important?

So, as you all know the engine consists of moving parts and in any machinery lubrication is needed. Same is the case with the engine of a car or any other vehicle. They need engine oil to stay in function.

Now, if you’re thinking why the oil needs a change, again and again, I got the answer, it is because over the course of time the oil breaks down and gets contaminated with dust and dirt from the engine as well as the environment.

So, when that happens the job can’t be done properly by the oil. It becomes less effective as a lubricant.

Then, the parts of engine rub against each other and wear out.

Engine oils contain one more thing knows as additives that neutralize the acids. However, over the course of time additives get depleted and cease to be effective.

Oil also holds water and other debris as mentioned above and holds them in the suspension. At a given point, all this “stuff” makes the oil gets saturated and can’t absorb anymore of these contaminants. This causes corrosion in the engine.

There are other reasons as to why your engine oil should be changed and here I am to jot those major point for everyone.

Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Engine Oil Are-

  1. It Maintains Engine Lubrication-
  • All the important parts that move such as pistons, valves and other engine parts move at high rates under the bonnet of the car.
  • When they move, it is pretty obvious that they will produce heat and will wear down the engine in any place and at any given time.
  • That’s why lubrication is needed so that the engine doesn’t break down.
  • But, you can’t just put in any quantity or volume. You need to refer to the users manual or an auto repair shop to figure out what oil your vehicle requires and make sure it is filled till the recommended volume.

2. It Cools Engine’s Components-

  • So, when there are moving parts in the engine it is pretty clear they will create friction which will result in heat.
  • The only way to prevent it is by maintaining clean & sufficient amounts of oil in the engine so that it can prevent any kind of friction and overheating and also prevent the engine from breaking down.
  • Therefore change the oil to keep it cool in the bonnet.

3. It Removes Wear Particles And Sludge-

  • Over the course of time oil gets a hold of dust particles, debris, and dirt. And they are pretty deadly to the engine without any doubt.
  • This dirt causes corrosion which decreases the life of your engine which isn’t a very impressive thing.
  • Also, oil starts breaking down into sludge, therefore the true challenge is to make sure to keep your engine clean.
  • That is only possible if you have a routine change of the oil and filters so that all the dirt and sludge is removed and the engine stays healthy.

4. It Improves Mileage-

  • The mileage of your car is directly proportional to the lubrication in your engine.
  • The poor it will be the more fuel is needed, so you need to check if there’s enough oil or not in the engine.
  • The Department of Energy once stated that with the routine changes and the oil that suits your car fuel mileage will increase upto 2%.
  • Even though it doesn’t sound like much, however, in the long run, you are saving a gallon of gas in a year.

5. Helps In-Vehicle Longevity-

  • A consistent check up on the oil and changing it regularly will make sure your vehicle lasts long.
  • Like mentioned above, the mileage and power are completely lost due to the dirt and sludge in the oil.
  • This makes the engine and its components work harder and this may lead to a break down in the engine.
  • The lifespan of the engine reduces when it starts putting those “extra” efforts due to the sludge.
  • Also, the car value increases at re-sale time only if regular maintenance has been done.

Changing oil can be a hassle if you are doing it yourself but you have to do it, otherwise, you can always take it to an auto repair shop and they will do it for you.

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