TLDR: We’re tackling an enormous problem in non-software engineering that is systematically under-served by incumbent knowledge management solutions. This problem is not obvious to outsiders, but sharply frustrating to insiders. Engineers (our users) are voting with their feet by implementing costly workarounds to incumbent solutions, which demonstrates how much this omitted use case matters to them. Thea addresses this hidden use case with an ML-enhanced email extension product that simplifies data management for non-software engineering teams at the earliest, most consequential stages of projects.

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Where’s my flying car?

If you’re in tech, you’ve likely heard of the supposed Great Stagnation of our times. Something happened in the 1970s and now suddenly the world of bits dominates all technological progress, while the world of atoms has been left behind in the dust.


Arnaud Doko

CEO & Co-Founder at Thea. More at

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