The day I actually wrote it down…

Many of the people that know me well will talk about my passion and enthusiasm for coming up with creative ideas to solve problems. I really do enjoy it. That means that I’ll often turn to my wife or a friend and mention a potential idea — but I have always been intimated to write it down. Some of it may be due to feeling vulnerable — as soon as I write it down, it becomes easier to start to poke holes in it.

However today I took a different approach. I sat at our computer, while our sons (I can’t believe we have tw0) and I wrote down one of these ideas. My goal was to just write as much as I could and not worry about whether it was right, correctly spelled, or even logical. I didn’t worry about what I would do after it was done (although I am now seeing it as a living document). I just wanted to write. I wanted to force myself to put it down on paper and it was a really fun exercise. I even took the more frightening step of sending it to a few people for their perspective ☺ Nothing may come out of this idea, but I know one thing that has changed. I feel less nervous about writing down any idea. It may seem like a small hurdle — but I am proud that I wrote it down!

I wrote this Medium post for a few reasons. 1) I am so in love with Medium as a channel to consume content that I wanted to publish somethign to it. 2) I am sure that there are other people who feel equally uncomfortable writing down an idea. The discomfort is real, but the joy of writing something down as a first step was much greater. And 3) It’s another way to practice writing my thoughts down.

I think I am going to carve out an hour or two a week just to write down what I am thinking. Thanks for reading!

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