June 13, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #21

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Hi Readers and Writers,

So… Eric Pierce over at FanFare is in a publication owners group I created not too long ago. We hang out, chat, commiserate, pat each other’s backs, etc. Running a publication on Medium is a little bit like going on a hike without knowing the terrain and just guessing on which supplies might be helpful. By that, I mean there aren’t very clear guidelines. Eric writes about this and Pub Crawls much more eloquently here. Be sure to visit his newsletter after reading this one.

The experimental debut Pub Crawl is happening thanks to Eric’s diligence…

June 6, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #20

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Hi Readers and Writers,

I don’t have a whole lot to tell you this week. You rock! Keep reading and writing, please. ❤ In fact, I’m going to keep this little intro super short so you can just get into the reading!

We hope you have a fantastic week! Happy reading and writing. ❤

In Gratitude,

Aimée Gramblin, Bingz Huang, Sarah Paris, and Shanna Loga,
Age of Empathy Editorial Team

This Week’s Stories

Every writer appreciates the readers who enjoy their work. Show your appreciation by clapping, highlighting, commenting, and sharing on social media: Twitter: @AgeEmpathy and #ageofempathy

We imagine you curled up…

May 29, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #19

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

I’m (Aimée writing here) really enjoying the cross-collaboration that is happening with Age of Empathy and other Medium indy publications, such as Inspired Writer, Books Are Our Superpower, FanFare, The Riff, and more.

Last night, I had the honor of guesting on Noah Levy and Rob Janicke’s The Riff podcast. I’m still thinking about our conversation this morning. And, I’m thinking about making music as a metaphor for writing with publications like AoE and The Riff. …

May 22, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #18


Greetings Readers and Writers,

Okay…Bad news first. Our views and reads have gone way down this past week. I’m not sure why. What can you do to help? Click each of the articles listed below. Read them. Clap. Comment. And, share on your social media accounts. Crunched for time? Try to read at least 3 of the 12 articles listed below. They’re great articles and these writers worked hard on crafting their personal essays — pieces of their hearts.

Please drop your Twitter handles in the comments below and we’ll follow you if we aren’t already. You all are producing…

May 15, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #17

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

We hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! As I (Aimée) type this newsletter, the weather here is rainy, and I hope to hear rumbles of thunder later this morning. It’s a great morning for coffee or tea and reading. It’s the kind of cozy, intimate morning that suits my quiet, reflective mood this weekend.

Speaking of Intimacy, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of Age of Empathy’s April Prompt Contest with the theme of Intimacy.

1st Place: Colton Poore Intimacy Has Nothing To Do With Others
2nd Place: John Walter 📣

“If fear is the great enemy of intimacy, love is its true friend.” — Henri Nouwen

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

Age of Empathy writers create thought-provoking and wonderful work. You rose to the occasion yet again with the April Intimacy prompt. It kinda stresses me out to “judge” it (Aimée writing here. I’m guessing Shanna and Bingz feel the same way). In the future, my goal is to have outside contest judges who read “blind”, meaning they won’t have seen the work before or know who the author is of the essays they’re reading.

So, please know, judging and writing/reading preferences are subjective, meaning our personal life experiences influence our judging. It can’t be helped. This is a good thing…

May 8, 2021, Age of Empathy Newsletter Volume #17

Greetings Readers and Writers,

This was a great week for many of us writers here on Medium with the unexpected bonus that many of us received. Congratulations to all Age of Empathy writers who received fairer compensation for your hard work! We are proud of you! ❤ If you weren’t among the 1,000 who received the bonus, keep on writing and following your intuition — heart, head, and gut — about what and where to write.

This leads me (Aimée) to ask you to leave me some feedback either through the comments section, private notes, or email. I’ve been considering…

May 1, 2021, Newsletter Volume #16

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

Happy Weekend AoE Family! And, Happy May Day if it’s May 1st where you are in the world. Aimée has celebrated May Day for years by purchasing small annual or perennial flowers from her local garden center and dropped them anonymously on her neighbors’ doorsteps. It’s such a fun tradition. This year, she’s sharing a variety of petunias with nine neighbors. Do you have any May Day traditions or any traditions you celebrate in May? Tell us about them in the comments. Perhaps they’ll be the spark for a story you’ll write later.

Aimée is about…

April 24, 2021, Newsletter Volume #15

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

Happy Weekend AoE Family! We hope this newsletter finds you feeling well and refreshed. If you are under the weather or otherwise down, we send lots of caring vibes your way. ❤

Our editorial standards have changed and we are going to continue reminding you of this for a few more weeks. AoE no longer publishes poetry, how-to’s, or listicle-style articles. We are focusing solely on stellar personal essays and riveting creative nonfiction. We want you to submit your best work to us and take pride in it being published here. Our curation/distribution rates continue to…

April 17, 2021, Newsletter Volume #14

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

Well, we’ve made it through our transition pretty smoothly so far. Thank you for your support in making Age of Empathy stand out with evocative works of creative nonfiction and heart-hitting personal essays. We are noting a higher rate of distributed work since implementing the new guidelines. To get an idea of what we prefer, keep reading our published stories. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, please refer to last week’s newsletter or our updated guidelines. Long story short — no more poetry, how-to’s, or listicles.

We will begin quarterly contests, date TBD. In the…

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