Choose Your Customers, Choose Your Future

My future is one where I work with people who need movement to live a better life. My future is to be the one who decides my future as an online trainer and coach by choosing the people I want to work with.

After years of training yogis and weight loss clients, I realized how exhausting my fitness business had become. When I stopped teaching to yogis and weight loss clients, my business failed.

My marketing, my message, and my mission confused people. What kind of trainer was I if I wasn’t helping people to lose weight or to be more flexible?

My message is different than what is pushed in today’s fitness and yoga industry.

“6 weeks to Handstands”, “Push Hard Go Hard”, “Couch to 5K”, “8-minute abs”, “Booty BootCamp”, “Lose the Baby Weight”, “Strong, Not Skinny”, “Bikini BootCamp”, “Whole 30”, “Paleo”, “Keto”, “Fasting”, “High Intensity Interval Training”, “Yoga” “Yoga” “Yoga”.
And my message changed to … “Stop trying to lose weight”, “Stop lifting and yoga’ing so much”, “Think about your 80 year old self in your 30s”, “Move to Manage Pain”, “New Movement New Results”, “Movement Kindness”, “AgeDEFY”, “Movement Therapy”, “Movement Medicine”, “Move Young Live Young”, “BodyKnowledge”, “MobilityFLOW”, “FLOWMOTION”, “BodyAbility”, “Practice What You Can’t Do”, “Fill Your Vault”, “Beauty in Motion” and when I stopped saying “Namaste”and started to use “Wu Wei” — Not Too Hard and Not Too Easy — was when my studio and teaching life changed forever.

My message was for the injured and the aging, and that is not what I was dealing with as a studio owner. The demographics of my studio were men and women ages 24–34 and a lot of them came from ClassPass.

ClassPass is a program where commitment to the community and movement education is severely underrated and it’s more based on the “best workout” measured by sweat and calories. It was not my customer of choice and it was hard to pretend otherwise.

I was the weirdo saying the opposite of what everyone else was talking about and then I went all in. I reversed marketed myself as a trainer and yoga teacher. I told people who wanted to lose weight to find another trainer and I told people who were looking for a yoga class they were in the wrong place.

Then I went out of business. But it’s okay. I realize now I was choosing my future. I didn’t want to lose my studio, but as a studio owner in Denver, Colorado, I wasn’t able to choose my future. I had to accept all clients, no matter if they were a good fit or not, as a way to stay open. In the end, my future was more important, and so is my mission.

My decision to work with the customers I choose has actually brought me to the people who, for a lack of a better term, who “need me” to feel better and live better.

My current client, Kevin, is a 34 year old man who spent 6 months in a hospital bed. After physical therapy they told him to get a gym membership but thankfully he hired me, and now, a year into his recovery, he is doing things he never dreamed possible.

He needed me, and I needed him. He is the reason why I can leave myself open to the people who need movement as therapy, and not for any other reason. I only want to work with people who have lost their way and need my movement approach to live younger for longer.

There is no better future for an entrepreneur when you are no longer working for the masses but working for the people you so delicately invite into your life as a trainer and coach.

“…when you find great customers, they will eagerly co-create with you. They will engage and invent and spread the word.
It takes vision and guts to turn someone down and focus on a different segment, on people who might be more difficult to sell at first, but will lead you where you want to go over time.” -Seth Godin

Where I want to go over time is to save my energy for the people who are in pain and for the aging population. Where I want to go is on the medical side of movement without having the black and white outline of being a medical professional such as a physical therapist, massage therapist, or yoga teacher.

The people I choose to pour my energy and heart into are the people who are trying to get their life back after injury, after baby, after physical therapy, after surgery, before surgery, after tragedy, after addiction, after loss, after illness, after the age of 40, and after living unhealthy or moving too hard for too long.

If you’re sick and tired of living stiff and in pain, or if you’re sick and tired of feeling older than your age, then the 90 day AgeDEFY “Get Your Life Back” MovementCamp is for you!