How It Works

The AgeDEFY Way

After signing up for AgeDEFY, a “Welcome” Email with the full details of the program will be sent to you.

Phase 1 workouts of the 90 day program will be available to you on the day you sign up!

Once you complete Phase 1, you will be able to move right into Phase 2 of the program. After completion of Phase 2, the final phase, Phase 3, will be available for you to complete before graduating the program.

On graduation day, you will be on your way into feeling great and keeping what you’ve learned & accomplished into your everyday life for years to come!

Move Young Live Young
Make your own workout schedule or follow the AgeDEFY exercise prescription provided for each phase.

Phase by Phase:

Phase 1: Movement Medicine

Move Your Body To Heal Your Body

The workouts in Phase 1 are based in Movement Therapy and BodyKnowledge. It’s in the first 30 days that you begin to explore what your body can and cannot do.

Movement reveals all and Phase 1 is meant to reveal. In this phase you learn how to use movement as medicine to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing the overall health of your entire body.

Phase 1 prepares you for the workouts of Phase 2.

Complete 24 Workouts in 30 days. Create your own schedule.

Phase 2: BodyAbility

The Practice of What You Can’t Do

Phase 2 is the “Repeat and Get Better” phase of the program. The more you move the better you feel. Why stop after 30 days when you’ll feel double the results in 60 days and triple the results in 90 days!

Keep Moving and Grooving in Phase 2 with 8 “New Movement New Results” Workouts and 8 “Repeat and Get Better” Workouts from Phase 1 plus 4 Movement Therapy Clinics in 30 days to increase your strength and flexibility for more BodyAbility suppleness and power! (See FAQ for more info)

Do What You Can’t Do … Train for 30 more days and go after the Phase 2 BodyAbility Goal of CROW pose!

AgeDEFY is a movement health program that helps you defy the effects of aging and injury. When you’re able to do CROW pose, then you can do anything!

The practice of doing what you can’t do will give you the ability to move deeper, work harder, and enjoy more adventure in life!

Complete 20 Workouts in 30 Days. Create Your Own Schedule.

Phase 3: KettleBell FLOW

The ultimate goal of AgeDEFY is to get to Phase 3!

After the first 60 days of AgeDEFY, the body is ready for more. It’s ready for KettleBell FLOW!

KettleBELL FLOW workouts are 30 minute workouts with Movement Therapy, Body Weight HIIT, KettleBell FLOW, and a BURN series in every workout.

AgeDEFY KettleBell workouts are the most effective workouts you can do for your body. They are the ultimate combo of movement health and movement strength and they are the workouts you will want to have stick with you for the rest of your life. (See FAQ for more info)

Complete 20 Workouts in 30 Days. Create Your Own Schedule.
Give it 90 days! Sign up today!

Once signed up, you will be invited to join the AgeDEFY Facebook group, which includes weekly BodyKnowledge and Movement Therapy Clinics with Dawnelle, Motivation and Coaching, and Community Support.

The workouts are easily accessed 24 hours a day through the AgeDEFY website.

The program is simple … Sign up, Join the Facebook group; Begin the Workouts.

Start with Phase 1: Movement Medicine. Press Play and Start Moving and Grooving with me every day!

It’s that easy.

Start your AgeDEFY adventure today!