Try Deep Learning in Python now with a fully pre-configured VM

New VM image — updated March 2018!

I love to write about face recognition, image recognition and all the other cool things you can build with machine learning. Whenever possible, I try to include code examples or even write libraries/APIs to make it as easy as possible for a developer to play around with these fun technologies.

But the number one question I get asked is “How in the world do I get all these open source libraries installed and working on my computer?

If you aren’t a long-time Linux user, it can be really hard to figure out how to get a system fully configured with all the required machine learning libraries and tools like TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, and dlib. The majority of the issues that get filed on my own open source projects are about how to install these tools. A lot of people get stuck while installing everything and give up before ever getting to play around with any code. That’s a shame!

Try out machine learning now with this pre-configured Ubuntu VM. Everything is ready to go.

There’s no reason it should be so hard to try things out in 2017. To make it simple for anyone to play around with machine learning, I’ve put together a simple virtual machine image that you can download and run without any complicated installation steps.

The virtual machine image has Ubuntu Linux Desktop 16.04 LTS 64-bit pre-installed with the following machine learning tools:

Note: This is a desktop VM meant for educational purposes, not a VM meant for use on a server. Due to licensing and installation complications, there’s no GPU acceleration / CUDA support provided. So you don’t need an Nvidia GPU to try this out, but it also won’t take advantage of a GPU if you have one.

How to download and run the Deep Learning VM in 3 simple steps:


Have fun!

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