Words by Simon Vieira, Olivia Perry & Stu Amos.

From the dawn of social media, to the rise of cryptocurrency and Smart technology, almost every facet of the tech industry has changed dramatically in the last 12 years. We’ve learned a lot. Throughout the journey, we’ve charted our paths by designing, art directing, teaching, consulting, and finally, as founders of our digital product and brand design studio, Agency In The Wild.

Despite the rapid evolution of the tech business, we’ve learned a few things along the way that still hold true. …

Our Open-sourced Design System Workshop Template in Miroverse

“Aesthetics are the language of feeling, and in a society that’s information-rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information.” — Marty Neumeier.

This quote by bestselling brand-and-design author Marty Neumeier effectively sums it up. In our digital age, people are more likely to value a feeling over information. This anecdote from a few years ago is a great illustration:

Our friend called us up one night, and without so much as a hello, told us to go to a random website. He was excited and seemed to be running on adrenaline. We went to the website and immediately noticed…

Words by Simon Vieira & Olivia Perry

Creating a successful, durable brand starts with developing a strategy system. The strategy system is the blueprint of your brand, it’s the map, and as we know, maps are the building blocks of incredible adventures.

The exercises we are going to show you come from industry leaders and our own experience working and building brands for companies such as EA, Microsoft, IBM, LEGO and Disney.

Before we get into the method and exercises behind creating a strategy system, it’s essential to understand the role that brand thinking plays in the process. For a…

Agency In The Wild exists to turn the traditional branding agency model upside down. Our mission is to help our clients thrive in the new digital wilderness via top remote talent, state of the art tools, and our unique Brand Sprint process. Think of us as your on-demand digital brand and innovation super team.

We are all facing a new digital wilderness.

In our 15 year career in the technology and design industry, we have always wondered why brand agencies haven’t found a way to integrate technology and brand properly, allowing for speed, transparent collaboration, open communication, and border-less reach.

Let us be your guide.

Agency In The Wild gives fearless companies access…

Words by Simon Vieira & Olivia Perry

In today’s dynamic and competitive digital world, only the agile and adaptable survive. Agency In The Wild exists in the new digital wild, beyond conventions. With brand thinking at our core, we can solve problems and create results at speed, anywhere, and with anyone, and we want your business to have the tools to do the same.

But what exactly is brand thinking? Before we get into the rationale behind the term, and we take you through a quick tour of the history of brand, let’s talk about our vision for this article.

Agency In The Wild

We are a brand design studio located in the new digital wilderness. We focus brands on impact & growth via our unique Brand Sprint process. Agencyinthewild.com

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