Bringing the Sugar

The Monthly Meeting with Kemp Edmonds from Hootsuite

Kemp Edmonds, Senior Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite and Andrew Westlund, President of the Westlund Group.

It’s as simple as having that cup of sugar. Your neighbour is in the middle of a Sunday evening bakefest when they realize they miscalculated their sugar quantity. So they throw on some pants — because clearly they’re baking without pants — and head over to knock on your door. Now the only thing left to answer is: do you have that cup of sugar?

Kemp Edmonds, Senior Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite was our guest speaker for the July Monthly Meeting. Although Kemp did offer us some great tricks for social media and optimizing our online communications, (Hubspot anyone?) the striking takeaway for me was his philosophy on creating value. Social media is a noisy space, and I’m often overwhelmed by the idea that I’m not actually offering anything valuable. When we’re operating in this space we need to bring that cup of sugar — we need to understand what our customers and clients and followers want, and how we can provide that.

Hootsuite team. Photo by Mode Photography.

Head over to our blog to read the rest of this post and let us know: how are you bringing the sugar to your social strategy?

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