Colin Kaepernick receives backlash from white fans after refusing to stand for National Anthem.

I don’t mind athletes speaking their mind. Nor do I find National Anthems sacred cows. Still, one must be ruled by facts. I’ve found that the injustices Colin Kaepernick talks about add up to the following: 1. No Racial bias in shootings nationwide (black economist Roland Fryer here in my Medium post below backs that up; and also, one just has to look at the data); 2. And when Fryer argues a statistically significant racial bias by police during the controversial “stop-and-frisk” decade in NYC (see graphic on this page), you get nearly the same percentage for black and white citizens in their so-called mistreatment by taking the “next step” with his analysis: Fryer’s stats show your chance of getting handcuffed [per stop] is 3%, whether you’re complexion is black or white. That’s rare. And equal treatment.

Does he and others know that?

And how did I get this percentage? How is it “the same”? Simple: divide 310 by 10,000 and 266 by 10,000 (i.e. 1 in 32 for blacks, 1 in 37 for whites), and you get 3.1% (blacks) and 2.7% (whites).

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