There’s this bizarre, unquestioned assumption in establishment liberal circles that it was the job…
Caitlin Johnstone

That’s one of the more paranoid comments I’ve read lately. Journalists write to get readers, just like anyone else. And report real news. They also have journalistic standards and oversight, unlike Medium. What is actually bizarre is the assumption establishment journalists were trying to get Hillary Clinton elected. But if one lives in a world where Facebook’s censorship, “corporatism” and “plutocrats” are controlling everything, then you might actually believe that. If you want to keep pushing conspiracies like the Seth Rich story that even Fox News is backing away from, more power to you. Being Alex Jones of the disillusioned left is a good living if people keep doing the following (as you add at the bottom of your articles): “[Toss] me some money on Patreon so I can keep pissing off the right people.”

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