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Curating the ideas of creators

Are you a creator? Or just a curator?

My job is to sit and listen. I sit, in the middle of an…

Your UX Bookshelf [a short list]

I get asked on a more than regular basis “So, how do I get into UX?” It’s an odd question, as really, in the broadest terms, everyone…


Dropping panties for dollars

On March 25th, 2014 my twitter stream exploded. announced their launch of an app version…

Hacking Angels [and VCs]

a primer for women 

First: Intrigued the problem you’re addressing

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Acts of curation at the edges of creation.

Acts of curation at the edges of creation.

Seeing red

What’s in your vagina?

Do you use a DivaCup? I’ve been using one for about four years now. Given to me by a friend as a gift after an afternoon spent curled on…

Update me

When new design falls flat.

What are you doing this to me?

Yes, I’m one of “those” people. The ones who resist updates, who balk at…

The Poker Game

Eight startups sit down at a poker table…

Chicago gets their cards and starts laying bets against what everyone else is going to get, without looking…

Try, try, try again

Gettin my code on.

It’s been just about two years exactly now since I decided to stop looking over some guy’s shoulders and learn to do some code… CNAME and A-record

The hell of making everything “easy”

Like many folks in the wide world of “hi I have a website but I built it using Tumblr ‘cause I’m…

Responsive Content

The Portal is a Lie

Let’s put this all in context first… because really, that’s the point.

Awakening [8min]

Having Sex in Public

The shame of it all…

I spend a lot of time thinking about sex.