A Sketchnote Coloring Book

Because with great power comes great responsibility.

I don’t get to pick who’s up on stage when I get brought in to sketchnote a conference. Sure, I’ve got rules — ones that cost me the job now and again — like requiring a Code-of-Conduct, and pushing for a 50/50 gender split. But there’s only so much I can do, pulled in after the lineup’s been published, pulled in after the money’s been allocated and travel paid through. There’s only so much I can do about who’s voice I’m amplifying past the spotlights of the stage.

Sitting in the back row, looking past rows of laptops and cellphones like so many lighters, me with my pencil and paper, I realized: We don’t really need a stage anymore.

I want more women to know they’re not alone out there. I want girls dream and women to realize that there is a place for them in STEM. Without an example to mirror, how can we imagine a path, how much harder to believe in the seemingly impossible?

So I’m making a book.

A book to be sat with over hours and hours, thinking and coloring, listening to the voices of women who have — and are — changing the world. A book to look to and find paths to follow, stories of slow increments of curiosity and learning and achievement.

This will be a Sketchnote Coloring Book, with a podcast to listen to, the source presentations of the research and work each woman has done, with a bio alongside, telling her story, how she got there, what challenges she faced and why she was able to overcome them. Think of it maybe as more of a treasure map. . .

The only question is, who?

Who are the Women across all of STEM who have the time and the stories to share, who will inspire this generation and the next to get there?

Tell me. Nominate them. Nominate yourself! Send me all of the names and the research and the websites and the reason she inspired you, impressed you, how she built that thing we use every day and no one ever remembers…

Tell me: http://bit.ly/WomenOfStem

Jill Tarter, “Mother of SETI” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jill_Tarter at Sundance 2013
Paola Antonelli, Director of R&D at MOMA NY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paola_Antonelli GrayArea Fest 2015
Beverly Freeman, Senior User Experience Researcher at Google, WarmGun