One of the pictures from the Sticks and Stones account that was deleted by Instagram.

On Instagram’s Censorship

Instagram deleted the Sticks and Stones account for posting a picture of women in bathing suits with unaltered bodies but had no problem with Kim Kardashians full nude picture for Paper Magazine.

This article is related to this conversation with Ainsley from Sticks and Stones Agency.

Grown women have hair down there & nipples up there. I’ve seen a few things on Instagram that made me understand the necessity of its terms of use policy. I’ve seen things like men groping women with over inflated asses; overtly sexual images including girls twerking on guys; a naked, photoshopped, & freshly injected Kim Kardashian; and the list goes on, but none of those things have been censored, yet instagram decided to censor the natural, unaltered, clothed female body because of a little hair & a nip slip.

Instagram deleted the account of the Australian agency Sticks & Stones. Yes Instagram users, women have hair on their vaginas. Some women choose to remove the hair completely; others choose to trim; and some choose to let the bush garden grow. Whatever the case, it’s a personal choice & one that should not be censored by Instagram & its users. Newsflash, We the women of the world have nipples & areolae & they’re not just for the amusement of grown men & nursing babies.

I’ve seen sexually explicit pics on Instagram of girls with pasties making obscene gestures. It’s not the nipple, it’s the overall context. Are we so braindead as a society that we think a woman grinding on a man & twerking while he thrusts his pelvis into her backside (simulating sex) is not sexually explicit & obscene but a woman standing in a bathing suit with a little bush peeking out from her bikini bottoms & a glimpse of a nipple is? It’s all about context. But let’s face it, we no longer have control over our bodies. There has been a standard set & everything & person outside of those parameters is unacceptable &/or shameful & indecent. The message may not be expressed verbally but it’s being transmitted visually. The women in the censored pics have unaltered, natural, unphotoshopped bodies with hair on their vaginas. And apparently sometime after the 70's the collective culture decided that women who didn’t remove all of their pubic hair & whose vaginas didn’t have the appearance of a prepubescent 8-year-old grade-school-girl, were somehow indecent & their bodies should be censored & not seen by the public. Furthermore, women can show their breasts all they want as long as the nipple & areola is covered. Huh? You mean to tell me that an area with the average circumference of approximately 4 in is the whole problem? And as long as you cover that small area it’s no longer indecent & you can do whatever you want with breasts, including having a guy grab them with his hands in a photo, hang from a stripper pole with your legs spread open in a strip club, shove them in someone’s face…and it’s all ok & within the parameters of Instagram’s terms of use — decency policy?

Is this a joke? Somehow a woman’s nipple & areola are more sexual than that of a man? They look the same & feel the same. We both have mammary glands but one is rudimentary & the other fully functional. The major difference is all the fatty tissue surrounding the areola & nipple so why don’t we censor that & leave the nipple free? Ridiculous right? So is censoring the areola & nipple.
There’s nothing indecent or overtly sexual about a woman’s body whether shaved or unshaven, nipple exposed or nipple covered. It’s all about context. I’m a girls girl, the kind of woman who feels that sexuality is complex & a unique expression of each individual, not just anatomy. It’s not just about the female form. Context, context, context! I can’t say it enough. Our bodies, our choice!


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