New way of marketing in AR

Jun 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Want to engage your quality audience in 40 countries, get them interested and look for your tokens ? This is what IZX Airdrop Platform is about.

Welcome to our game platform! It grows your project with every user click on all five continents, where every player becomes your follower, a crypto enthusiast interested in your business.

Why is this relevant to your business?

Conventional advertising, predictable marketing, standard promotion channels are in the past. Today you have to work hard to keep your target audience engaged. Or, just join the game!

Gaming is interesting, exciting, stress- and carefree. In addition, if the game combines the latest technologies, such as blockchain and augmented reality, it is even more attractive to the young crowd.

IZX is changing the approach to ad campaigns. This is the future that starts right now.

How does it work?

Everyone likes video gaming. If you can profit from it, you will like it even more! That’s what IZX Project is based on, and its audience grows day by day. Why? IZX Platform gives fun and financial rewards to every active user. Our unspoken slogan is Mine on the go!

IZX Platform gives players an opportunity to earn bonuses, discounts or real cryptocurrency by collecting them at the users’ location. Just download IZX App and start playing. Tokens of the IZX Partners appear on the smartphone screen. Players collect them in the Augmented Reality, just like Pokémons in Pokémon GO, and exchange for cryptocurrency and other bonuses and prizes.
Why is it beneficial to you?

We have been testing IZX Platform for over 10 months and have identified a few formulas for effective advertising campaigns.

Regular Airdrop is becoming outdated because it is boring to users and not efficient. User just sits in front of the screen and performs a set of tasks, like dull reposts or retweets, without being immersed into the project.

What does IZX Platform offer?

  • High-quality audience that understands blockchain, cryptocurrencies and is interested in altcoins (54k IZX users, 23% of which are active players and hunt for crypto tokens everyday)
  • Geotargeting. You drop a pin, we add your tokens there. Choose what market you want to focus on
  • Referral programs in the IZX App — Attract new players!
  • Popularize your token
  • Get introduced to the cutting edge technologies
  • Introduce your audience to your project or product

Our analysts carefully select only the best projects for IZX. If your token is on IZX Map, the audience knows they can trust you.

Connect to our Airdrop Platform

Step 1. Apply for participation via e-mail or Telegram @Nemonoid1
Step 2. Relax and let IZX do the rest!
• Our analysts study your project
• We consult you on developing an effective ad campaign on IZX Platform
• Our designer creates a branded token for your business
• Launch press releases and news about your token on IZX platform through our promotion channels and engage the audience
• Directly launch your token ad campaign on IZX Platform
• Finalize the campaign results and transfer you the Airdrop data

Airdrop is simple! Join its driving force with us!

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