On the 28th of February on this planet, in this solar system, there will be a new world — the world of unicorns. The game UnicornGo is able to radically change our perception of reality.

Feb 10, 2018 · 8 min read
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Mostly due to the level of technologies and developments that will form constitute the functional aspect of the game. It’s hard to believe, but the main characters of the game the unicorns will read your thoughts and even be able to become your avatar. About how this will work to, we were told scientists, — creators of the platform for projects with mental control. BasisNeuro.com direct project manager Nikolai Sviridov and technical director Dmitry Lazurenko.

Neurotechnologies seem to be something far away, despite the fact that for a long time the whole world of a person fits in one smartphone, it is still very difficult to believe that it is already possible to control objects using the power of thought …

Nikolay Sviridov: In fact, similar developments have been carried out since the 70s. At that time there was for example, the A.B. Kogan Research Institute of Neurocybernetics. Many members of our team are familiar with such technologies since university.

Why is so little that is known about these developments then?

Nikolay Sviridov: Our team was formed in 2015, and we immediately decided, that we won’t hide anything and all our developments will have an evident result. The only thing you can find on the market is the The only thing you can find on the market is the decade year old research conducted by Americans and Australians. Due to the fact that this is a “white label”, names of the companies that manufacture the devices vary, but the technology does not. We can only guess what the reason for that is. What happens in laboratories around the world is not known to us, but we have achieved the reality of mental control.

How did you form up your team? who is sponsoring you?

Nikolay Sviridov: We have been working as a single organism since the day of creation. No one left or was disappointed ever since. We invest our own money. Therefore, we, personally, are very grateful towards our relatives, family and friends who support us, because I sold almost everything that I had and put it into the project. In 2016 we have already received the first results and began to present them.

Which projects were the first? On the internet one is able to find information about you testing your gadgets for the disabled.

Nikolay Sviridov: Yes, it was them we started to work with. We managed to create the device that actually worked, the wheelchair. Journalists did not believe us at first, but then they sat down in an armchair, and was moved only by to the power of thought, later we demonstrated the chair to the Minister of Information Technologies of Rostov Region, Herman Lopatkin, he also sat down and managed to move it.

Any significant (large) customers yet?

Nikolay Sviridov: First of all, we want to make a product, enter the market, and only then go to the giants and large customers with premade offers. For now we prefer partner relations, we are ready and open to cooperation. Every new project for us is an opportunity for data collection and analysis.

In 2017, along with the Ministry of Defense, we participated in an international conference, where our research was presented.

Thanks to real-time monitoring, we could watch the emotional and physical state of a person: he is afraid, hurt, happy, he fell asleep, he is tired or full of energy. This could all be observed from a distance and, adjustments of requests and commands to the person could be made accordingly.

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie…

Nikolay Sviridov: This is quite realistic, and one should not think that these are only military developments that are hidden from ordinary people. We also cooperate with Azimut airline. For them, we have developed a headset that helps to monitor general state of the dispatcher. It is extremely important to know and understand in what condition is a person on whom so many lives depend.

You are involved with a lot of social projects, but how does it fit into your schedule?

Nikolai Sviridov: For us, the social component is very important, we have great friends — this is the fund of regional social programs “Our future”. We are happy to help and work on a new level of comfort for people with disabilities. But we are not fixated on this, we as scientists explore all possibilities of working with neuroresources. We cooperate with Joda Group. They in their turn work with HTC, Samsung — we participate in the development of gadgets, which can be commanded solely by the power of thought, we work on the glasses of virtual reality.

Here it is, virtual reality. How far can a person go in this reality … But how far can he go in virtual world… Can you make an avatar?

Nikolay Sviridov: Gamification is a separate direction, which comprises everything from a mutable plot, depending on the viewer to the neuro management.

Now, from what is represented on the market, you need to interact with the object, you have a smartphone, a joystick in your hands, you have to nod, blink or sign in a voice to have your command executed, and your movements are limited by wires. We’re working on the fact that all the commands are giving inside your brain.

One even doesn’t have to wink?

Nikolay Sviridov: No, you just thought, and already go, in addition, the game knows what you like, it remembers what fascinates you most, then offers it. Remember, there were games on the console Dandy, there is a functional, and you cannot get away from it anywhere. At us all is absolutely in another way. It’s you who choose everything that will be in your virtual reality. The game goes on in such a way as to user takes maximum pleasure in playing it.

I cannot believe, can you explain more details through the example of UnicornGo

Nikolay Sviridov: There will be different kinds of entertainment in the game, for example if you like to stroll, you will meet more and more parks. If you like your unicorn to be beautifully dressed, more and more clothes for him will be offered to you. Or, for example, your unicorn feels that you are not in the mood, he like a real pet will not go to you, he will need to agree, he will feel you. You are sad -he sings for you, you have fun — he dances. We will not disclose all the ideas. But the game gives you the full range of answers to your emotions that you can get from real communication with the animal, but at the same time, in this world there is a beautiful visual component and constantly growing opportunities for getting positive emotions that we are all looking for. And also for training. Of course, one cannot consider everything only through the prism of pleasures, games have a huge potential for education and self-education.

Were there analogues already?

Nikolay Sviridov: There were no full-fledged analogues in the market, but not so long ago there has been Tomkat, the character of the cat responding well when he was stroked, for example. You could interact with him.

How is your work coming along the game-functional?

Nikolay Sviridov: We are in close contact with the team, we are working together, new great opportunities for improving the gameplay are opening up. It is very important to make the character able to understand and feel the essence of the person with whom he is connected, his master. We are not talking about imitating a person and climbing into his soul, but about understanding his condition. And we know how to do it.

And can you explain how the technology works? What’s about the process of thoughts recognition?

Dmitry Lazurenko: There are two ways, you can do it invasively, that is, open the cranium and work directly with the brain, or read data from the surface of the skin, that is, noninvasive method. We work the second way. We have a headset — 4 points of contact with the head: 2 through the back of the head, 2 through the forehead. We read the electrical activity of brain cells.

Is it similar to the electric encephalogram method?

Dmitry Lazurenko: Yes, that’s what we use. It is widely used now in medicine for the diagnosis of brain concussions, cancerous tumors, cysts, etc. We use this method to monitor the current human condition and generate commands for management. That is, we register the wave process.

And what happens next? Is it real-time process?

Dmitry Lazurenko: We receive information; we select a useful signal that can be obtained with the parameters of the current encephalogram in real time. But you are to understand that this is a pseudo-real time actually, because you need to understand in what state the person as a whole and his brain are, this needs to be analyzed.

I don’t quite understand how this works, because if you want to do something, then the signal goes directly, in what cases do you need time for processing, and when not?

Dmitry Lazurenko: There is communication based on visual stimuli, for example, it works when you type text messages, but there is an approach that we use. It is more complicated, the idea is a selection of arbitrary mental commands, which can be translated into control algorithms. The movement of arms and legs is an exact command for control, which must be read out quickly in order to activate one or another object.

How do you read them?

Dmitry Lazurenko: For this, common neural algorithms that accurately and quickly select signals have been created. These screening systems are capable of self-learning. Our competitors’ solutions we can see at the market, especially in the gaming area, do not always require the accuracy and reliability of the teams, mostly joy and entertainment have importance, but we are in favor of accuracy. We create neural networks that are self-learning, they do not need a database of thoughts and feelings, they are able to recognize signals, classify them, and give them a response in real time.

Mental control is individually adjusted for each person and his features in the game? If we are talking about the entertainment industry.

Dmitry Lazurenko: The unicorn will know his master, recognize it and react to it in a special way. In addition, thanks to blockchain technology, we will be able to store and classify a large amount of information.

Tell us, how do you use blockchain technology?

Dmitry Lazurenko: Now we are working on creating our blockchain platform.

At this stage, we have accumulated a lot of data that we are ready to provide to developers to create their own functionality. But later we plan to continue to collect data, and we also view our platform as a way of fixing digital content copyrights.

The platform’s workflow, which was developed in cooperation with our partners from Sberbank is published on our web site. We are interested in various projects, it is important for us to convey to people what we are doing and tell them about our work.

And when will we see the results of your work within the UnicormGo game?

Dmitry Lazurenko: The work is already underway, approximately half a year is required for development, then tests and implementation are expecting, but the technologies are developing very quickly. So stay connected and stay tuned!

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