Only one day left, don’t lose your Candy! FAQ on migration to ETZ

Aug 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear players, we are happy to announce that our game expects a huge update — we’re moving onto Ethereum Zero blockchain.

It is a very important step for all of us, because after migration — all in-game transactions will be instant and free.
Also we are proud to join the EtherZero community which is very popular in China with a hundreds thousands followers, and millions around the globe.

This update is the biggest since game launch, and includes everything that we have been working on over the last months.
You will see an astonishing new game design and many new features: comments, referral system, new filters, user’s ads, and new rankings like “unicorn of the day”

Along with the update we will launch the mobile version of the game so you can play unicorns on the go!

What will happen:
On August 15, game servers will be turned off and all assets and wallets will be copied to EtherZero .
Unicorns, lands and MegaCandy will be transferred automatically to your wallet on the new blockchain (same address, different network).
However if you have got Candy left on exchanges you are going to lose it.

What you need to check:
1. Make sure you have zero balances on IDEX and ForkDelta
2. Check inner exchange even if you did not trade. You could send candy to game balance!

If you have non zero balance click withdraw to your Metamask or MEW wallet.

How migration will be done:
We will turn off the game in August 15. Everything will be copied automatically, and your assets will appear in ETZ network on August 20 or earlier.

How to start playing on new blockchain:
Set up a new network on Metamask
To do so — Click Main Ethereum Network → custom RPC

Set new RPC URL:
Click Save. That’s it!