Wake up, wake up, consciousness calls
The slumber is sweet but it falls from your vision
Like a shattered mirror, a hologram of omission is all that remains

You have to go on, there’s much to be done
An infinity of choices from under the sun
Illusions, illusions, there is no escape
Your fate is tied to the choices you make

The red or the blue will reveal your path
And the depth of the hue rings true to the end
A mind bend or two bubbles up to the surface

You once heard it said that still is the…

Leading South African digital payments gateway PayFast has decided to scrap all Bitcoin transactions starting from July 20th. The Cape Town-based company was one of the first local providers to offer online cryptocurrency exchange but now looks to backtrack on its alternative payment solutions.

It’s latest press release dished out heavy criticism towards Bitcoin citing design flaws as a key issue:

“Unfortunately there are a number of limitations and design flaws unique to Bitcoin that make it an impractical substitute for cash, including high transaction fees and long confirmation times for buyers.”

The surprise comments come even after providing the…

Bitcoin is a prime avenue for laundering money. At least that’s the narrative the mainstream media has been feeding the public. Money laundering is probably as old as the invention of money itself. By definition, to launder cash is to make ill-gotten gains appear as if it were all earned legitimately, regardless of whether you’re the leader of a drug smuggling ring, a warlord, or simply can’t help yourself to your rich aunt’s purse.

The anonymity of the internet has emboldened fraudsters into ever-more intricate ways of getting their loot out of the hands of the authorities. And to their…

Bitcoin is dying. Anyone who’s been around crypto for more than a few years won’t have heard that for the first time. Recently CNBC’s Fast Money segment held a mock funeral for Bitcoin. As the longest bear market in the history of cryptocurrency continues, the ironically titled business show proclaimed the end of Bitcoin.

There has been no shortage of crypto positive price predictions from guests of the show, particularly influential heavyweights like Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz and Fundstrat’s Tom Lee. …

There’s a rather unhealthy obsession going on with price in the Bitcoin market. Speculators are everywhere, particularly on social media where a few good calls can grow your audience exponentially, just like the price itself. A new wave of crypto projects and research outfits are popping up with buzzwords like artificial intelligence and bold claims around predictive algorithms that will supposedly lead to untold riches.

The new kid on the block appears to be social sentiment analysis. Are everyday people actually talking about cryptocurrency? A recent study by social listening platform Pulsar decided to find out exactly that. The company…

If crypto wasn’t a highly speculative and technical industry to begin with, imagine combining it with the likes of AI. Artificial intelligence has probably received the same amount of hype too. By definition, artificial intelligence is the creation of machines that will mimic or surpass human capability through speech recognition, problem-solving, mathematical calculation, reprogramming and so on.

Clearly, machines have us beat in many situations. When it comes to an industry like car manufacturing or warehousing, machines are a lot more efficient and safer than we are. They’re also frighteningly adept in many logic-based scenarios.

AlphaGo and its self-taught successor…

As far back as 2012, companies were starting to experiment with Bitcoin payments as an alternative to mainstream solutions. In the years following those early tests, companies have jumped on and off the crypto bandwagon trying to figure out if a new wave of consumers would flock to virtual currencies.

Tourism is one of those industries where Bitcoin could make a real difference. Money changing hands across borders has always been a tricky business. Who wants to deal with multiple currencies, confusing exchange rates, getting ripped off on those rates or handling large amounts of foreign cash? …

There has been an explosion of music cryptocurrency projects over the last couple of years. Ujo, Musicoin, Voise, Muse, Opus, Choon, you name it. Just change a letter of a popular word and presto, you have a brand new project you can bolt blockchain onto. Jokes aside, the market is incredibly saturated and many ICOs, despite all the promises, have yet to provide any noticeable value.

One company is approaching the scene from a completely different angle. Our Music Festival is a project built around disintermediating the music events business. And unlike ICOs, it’s not raising public money on the…

Blockchain drones are set to continue the frenzied pace of automation taking place around the world. It’s not uncommon to see fancy overhead shots of exotic landscapes made possible by the new wave of drones hitting the market, but where does blockchain come in and how are companies integrating these two technologies to impact societies of the future?

Drone Delivery


The most obvious solution that many readers gravitate to is door-to-door package delivery. In 2016 Chronicled (now the TrustedIoTAlliance) designed and developed a prototype drone delivery service. …

Agent Smith

Web designer, writer, and cryptocurrency trader who hails from sunny South Africa. Freelance writer at CCN.

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