I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

Heh, similar story here, except I was only vaguely into men’s rights, the most I got into it was surrounding things like child custody, but even then I found the MRA side strongly exaggerated things and refused to aknowledge the number of ways and concerns that make child custody worse for women.

What did it for me was to read some feminist literature. I did translation of a chapter of a book about feminist critique of Carnival in Bakhtin to help a friend with a university assignment. I laughed for hours at all the “stupid” feminist language. But when I finished it and sent here the result, I had to aknowledge that despite being an obscure topic, it actually made very good sense once one understood the terminology and many of its points were hard to argue with convincingly.

The primary argument for feminism is that it is the result of scientific exploration of humanity which has proved to be so right about so many profound aspects of human identities, and a significant part of that has been through post modern deconstruction.

Great article, thanks for sharing.