Ascendency — Age of Chains Card 015

The center of power within the Andromeda Galaxy is the planet Sarda within the Aereus solar system. It is the home planet of an ancient species, whose true name is long forgotten.

Nowadays they are known as the Pure and build the core of the elite-related dictatorship which rules the majority of the Andromeda Galaxy. Through cosmic constellation, the planets of Aereus show a dominance of heavy metallic elements, which are unique throughout the galaxies and influence the evolution of its species heavily. On Sarda, the most dominant and potent metal is Ymatin. It is liquid under the regular atmospheric environment on its home planet and is mixed in all things. Even the air seems to have some glimmer to it. Through its high energy potential it can emit a broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves, based on its bonding composition with other elements.

Ascendency — Age of Chains Card 015

The Pure posses a ymatinic genetic code, which allows them to bond and manipulate Ymatin on a molecular level. Hence, the first step for a Pure to be recognized within its ruling society is to get its own Ymatin aloyed nanobot-armour, which they can freely manipulate and adapt in combat at will. This step towards power is usually a reward for great services or achievements for the Pures dominion. The nanobots are bound at first contact to the specific Pure’s DNA, making it impossible to steal or reuse them. The more a Pure achieves, the better and more nanobots it accumulates to ascend the levels of society and military. The ultimate goal is to obtain the Overlord’s favor and reach the title of Shadow.

The Pures natural abilities in combination with the adaptation to Ymatin led them to be the unrivalled an dominating species of the Andromeda Galaxy.

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