Awakening of Myriad

Legends tell of a being within our galaxy that when seen is accompanied by major change in our galactic environment.

Throughout eons of generations, our ancestors have been passing on their knowledge around what so far most people only have been understanding as a legend. While many have been doubting the truth behind the origin of this knowledge, it was a small circle of enlightened individuals throughout the galaxy who have always known from deep within that this saga is crafted by truth and that it was just the nature of time which brought doubt to the minds of many of us.

For millions of years, Myriad had been resting in a deep state of meditation within a magical crystal cave, located behind a sky-high waterfall on Malee, a tropical planet in the inner circle of our galaxy.

While meditating, Myriad continued to explore the depths of our universe with his mind and his power grew exponentially with every second throughout all these years.

And while doing so, he kept staying alert, waiting patiently for the right moment to come when his power and wisdom would be of ultimate use.

Just now, this very moment has been happening: An omen in the sky, introduced by the ruby red Jagrati comet passing by, has shed his massive light onto the surface of the planet upon which Myriad has been residing.

While being in his meditative state, the magical crystals surrounding him captured the energy of the bypassing galactic friend and transmitted that power towards Myriad, causing him to finally awaken from his million year long contemplative state.

Awakening of Myriad, the legendary dragon from within the inner circle of our galaxy.

Ready to initiate his epic journey, Myriad steps out of his magical waterfall cave and forcefully rises his fiery head towards Jagrati while spreading his mighty wings in countenance of his friend from above.

Which quest is Myriad going to await? Being a mystery for now, we know that whatever it is, his mightiness will bring awe to any being that encounters him during his flights throughout our galaxy and beyond.

Dive deeper into the lore of Age of Chains. A clash of intergalactic cultures awaits you.

Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team