Battlefield Harvester

I finally made it to the Cabal of Riches; after decades of scheming, betrayal and hateful obedience I got the chance to reach my ambitions.

But look at me now, outcasted on a ghastly bog planet at the outer regions of our galaxy. How could I underestimate my adversaries so much and get provoked to speak against the Shadow of Riches! I know there is no tolerance for such cockiness, not even for a Pure.

Oh how I detest this planet, the atmosphere is swollen with toxins, parasitic creatures are everywhere and there isn’t a single species evolved enough to domesticate. But even if the toxic gases make a colonization difficult, they are precious resources, worth a planet cleansing.

It was easy enough to conquer this section, so now that the battle units moved on, it is finally time to get to work. The primitive inhabitants are full of energy which makes them the ideal subjects to test the potential of our newly manipulated forces. As they creep on the battlefield, the air is filling with new horror and desperation. The wounded and dying realize that their torment is not over yet.

The harvest begins.

A simple parasite that evolved to suck up the life force of its victims and transform it into an almost pure form of energy. Usually their giant prey doesn’t even feel the life drain. Under our control though, it feasts on everything, and since we tap into its energy reservoir, the Battlefield Harvester never feels full and drains its victims dry; saving us the tedious duty of exterminating the survivors.

Yes, the Shadow of Riches will be pleased.

-De’malor the Corrupt, Enclave of Riches
 First week of the Invasion, Planet Mocvara
 Theta Peleus System, Andromeda Galaxy

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