Invasion Scout

One of the outer celestial objects of the Milky Way galaxy, close to the area of the Cosmic Kiss. Sustaining a surface that is rich mostly in stones, this planet offers a rather harsh environment for life to strive. A settlement of the Milky Way’s Cosmic Union was established to study this unique environment, to learn from it and to bring fruitition to the planet by planting and nurturing the many plants that possess capability of growing using the ressources available on this planet.

Only a thousand years ago, the Pure, an elite of the Andromeda galaxy, decided to undertake a stealth operation on this rather abandoned planet by sending out their Invasion Scout to oversee the development within the area.

Originating from the Aereus star system of the Andromeda galaxy, the species of the Scakista proved to be easily controllable by the totalitarian regime of Andromeda. After being mentally influenced and physically modified, the Scakista have been serving the Pure as the perfect Invasion Scout.

Using his camouflage ability, the Invasion Scout had been resting in hidden locations across the planet while taking occasional flights across the atmosphere to brief its leaders the current state of the situation. Their visual nerves are directly connected to a transmitter enabling the Pure a direct view through the eye of the Invasion Scout, therefore granting them oversight of far-out locations without the need of physically going there themselves.

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Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team