Meteora - Planet of the Floating Lands

In our Milky Way, within a solar system not too far away of planet Earth, lies a place with an environment that we could have never imagined before. We call this planet Meteora, relating to its epic history that we are going to explore here:

Our expeditions onto the surface of this surrealistic world have left us with amazement about the vast diversity of species that evolution came up with in order to achieve progress.

What we found is an environment that was being faced with a bombardment of meteroids for millions of years.

From the very beginning there were a small variety of life forms that resisted the ongoing threshing of these celestial bodies upon the planetary’s surface. Not only that — over time, these life forms have learned not just to persist the meteor showers but to actually benefit from this environment by developing abilities for establishing a symbiotical relationship between the native species and the arrivals from above.

The abilities we are referring to relate to powerful self-defense mechanisms based on the usage of magnetic fields. Any life form that is native to Meteora has developed an extremely strong capability of surrounding itself with a magnetic field. They can pole their field however they like and when they connect themselfes with neighboring life forms, their magnetic field becomes exponentially stronger.

So it was one day that evolution had evolved far enough when another large meteor was heading towards Meteora’s surface, ready to deliver another dimense impact and shockwave to shake the whole planet — but for the first time, things turned out differently:

Feeling the presence of the nearing object, Meteora’s life forms gathered around the meteor’s anticipated impact spot and combined their magnetic force to establish an ultra strong protective field, capable of slowing down and ultimately stopping the mostly metallic meteor much before it could have hit Meteora’s surface.

There the meteor was floating, high in the sky and silent like the moon at night. And this is how the symbiotic relationship between both the meteors and Meteora’s habitants was born..

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Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team