Quarks, Master of Black Holes

Aquar, a species that well before our time once prospered on this now deserted planet called Xu’Danar. Their ability to bridge cosmic constellations through their remarkable understanding of decentralized networks quickly gave rise to their culture within the Golden Era of the Cosmic Union.

Quarks himself is said to be one of the descendants of this intergalactic tribe of which only few remain.

Having carefully studied the knowledge of his ancestors within the different realities of our universe, Quarks possesses inherent power to manipulate matter in any given state.

Beneath the desert of Xu’Danar resides what once used to be the cultural center of the Aquar. Looking to discover the secrets of his ancestors, Quarks mindfully takes position to dig into the past.

Secure yourself the Quarks, Master of Black Holes trading card and dive deeper into the lore behind Age of Chains.

Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team