Shah, Rune Wizard

In a distant galaxy, floating aboard the remains of an ancient relic of the past, you find Shah the Rune Wizard sitting inconspicuously after having successfully finished his work.

His drawings manifest his deep understanding of cryptographic algorithms within the physical realm of our universe. Throughout time, he has been aggreating knowledge of 4994224 languages across 329274 planets from 8 galaxies.

Shah even for his knowledge-driven species is an expectional case. Having advanced so far, he is able to interact with the motherchain of our universe. Being able to influence the state of any of its addresses, his written spells may protect or cause havoc at desired locations of his choice.

The amount of cross-galactic knowledge Shah has aggregated throughout his linguistic studies is considerable. If one day you meet Shah, he might tell you about the secrets of the universe that he discovered on his search for truth.

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Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team