Skai, Finder of Truth

Hidden deep underneath the surface of one of our galaxy’s planets we find the Cave of Tir, a place revealing the code of the universe to those who manage to reach it.

Of those that have heard about this location, many fail reaching it as just even finding the entrance of this mysterious cave is a challenge by itself. Once you have found the hidden entrance, it is a long way down towards the center of the planet. A 70 miles walk following a mostly dark path into depth awaits those that are adventurous and persistent enough to make it to the end.

Age of Chains Card 013: Skai, Finder of Truth

Many of those that enter the depths turn around way before discovering the hidden secret within the Cave of Tir. It requires an extraordinary amount of curiosity combined with courage and a mindset that coaligns with the protective vibrancies encompassing this mystic environment.

Being among the first species within our immediate universe to make its way to this sacred location, the Skai carefully observes the structures of the cave that seem to dissolve as a cryptic code in the depths of the planet. Using his hand that full of receptors possesses great capability to absorb the universal knowledge of this cosmic code, Skai is among the first intergalactic beings to learn about Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention and to acknowledge the positive change this creation has been contributing to our universe.

Skai sees the success of Bitcoin and ultimately decentralization in our whole universe appearing not solely due to technological advancement, but always correlated to the positive work and passion of the beings using that technology. He learns that everything is connected and that any contribution to this promising invention, no matter how small or big, with time has been having huge impact on the overall progression on the human species and their intergalactic neighbors.

Filled with an overwhelming presence of awe accompanied by an Eureka moment, the Cave of Tir leaves Skai with infinite amazement about the positive change that Bitcoin and blockchain technology had been giving us, always resulting from the participation of its community.

Ever since, Skai had been one of the first intergalactic supporters of the Decentralized Revolution that had shaped society on planet Earth and beyond from 2009 A.D on to the better which ultimately lead to progressful evolution of many different species in peace and all across the Milky Way galaxy.

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Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team