Starjumper, Qora’s Hope

A planet within our galaxy, fully covered with giant rocks of ice. For many thousand years, its native population learned living in this harsh environment. Chambers of ice with the most luxurious and decorative designs are to be found within the subterrane complexes created by the Qoraians, thought to last until many eons into the future.

Due to unknown reasons, military forces of the Andromeda galaxy have started invading the peaceful habitat of the Qoraians, trying to take from them what so long has been developed and kept as a well-hidden secret within their planet’s icy canyons.

But there is hope. Possessing access to an incredibly advanced communication network that persisted the malicious acts of the intruders, the Qoraians had been able to send out an emergency signal just before it was too late.

Within just some seconds, the signal reached Starjumper, Qora’s most advanced ship that has been exploring space regularly at faster-than-light speed. After receiving the call, Spacejumper immediately got into position for switching into superluminal speed at perfect angle. Without having time to realize it, the threat was smashed into little pieces by the sheer force of Starjumper’s speed.

Card 008 — Starjumper, Qora’s Hope

Protected by it’s magnetic shield, not even a scratch remains as leftovers, only the shredded pieces of Andromedan scrap metal.

They must have learned their lesson. We will defend our heritage at all costs.

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Cosmic Hugs,
The Age of Chains Team