Age of Happiness Behind the Scene

The Age of Happiness project is organizing a festival later this year, and we needed a theme photo for its promotional campaing. This one:

It was so fun having this photoshoot and such a pleasure to have a great time with our friends.

This is Esti Bar, she’s 63. All her life she worked as an analyst and only decided to set up her own business when she retired. Before that, however, she followed one of her life-long dreams: after quitting work she flew to South America and roamed the continent on her own for about a year. By the end of her journeys she realised what she wanted to do and started serving her home-cooked lunches right in her small but beautiful flat in Tel Aviv’s old city.

Irena Bar, 52 and Lev Korogodsky, 51

This is Marianne Hatchwell, 52. After fifty she’s realised age difference doesn’t matter. Her boyfriend is 30, they’ve been together for three years and are completely happy.

Maurice Saumekh is 62. After fifty he decided to subject himself to an experiment and prove that unless you’d earned enough by time you were fifty, you were doomed — you had to forget about peaceful life in old age and while away whatever’s left of your life without any pleasure. He proved it wrong.

Amazing to hang out with this incredibly beautiful and happy people. They prove after fifty life is just beginning.

Photo credit: Vladimir Yakovlev of the Age of Happiness project.