FAQ about Life after Fifty: Money

Well, those who have money are privileged, and it is easy for them to speak about happy life after fifty. But what do I do without it?

Happiness and especially happiness at the age after fifty does not require huge financial investments and does not directly depend on your income. The prerequisite of happiness at this age is constant personal growth, and you don’t need money for that. There are many ways to enjoy life free of charge and to achieve a quality of life that no money could ever buy. If you think: “If only I had money! I would live such a full and meaningful life!”, that is a dead end. These thoughts are just a waste of time. I knew a man who started his mornings with a glass of cognac, a slice of lemon, and a sigh: “Oh, the life I could lead!” He lived like that for months and years. He could have spent them on something valuable, but he wasted the opportunity.

Heidemarie Schwermer, who doesn’t need money

Still, it is not possible to travel without money. Or is it?

Actually, it is possible. There are many people who began travelling after fifty and enjoy it very much, without spending too much money — or anything at all. For example, you can hitch-hike and you can even travel abroad this way. Or you can cycle — it is great exercise and an opportunity to see new places and meet new people. There are people who started travelling on foot after fifty. Of course, there are less extreme, but still very inexpensive ways of travelling, such as buses or trains.

Trips are costly if you stay at expensive hotels and dine at restaurants. However, it is not a prerequisite for having fun. Try to live like a local, and it will allow you to learn more about the people and the place.

Again, the secret is simple: instead of complaining about not having money, it is better to think how to add joy to your life in your current situation. It will make you happier — and smarter, as challenges are good for your brain.

Viktor and Svetlana Zhukov, who don’t need to pay for their travels

But I still need money for sports and health improvement, right?

First of all, begin with free ways to become healthier and feel better. It is, again, dynamic relaxation, such as running, walking, skiing, stretching, dancing, cycling, etc.

You don’t need money to practice any of those. Of course, exercising on your own will require more commitment and discipline. However, considering the joy sports bring into your life, it is worth it.

In other words, you have to rely on free kinds of hobbies only?

Of course not. It is possible to earn money after fifty, even a lot of money. However, money stops being a thing you cannot be happy without or the only source of joy in your life. Money does not necessarily bring happiness. Also, there are many people who have lost their wealth after fifty and it was not the end of their life. After some time, it became even more exciting.

Although, we do not mean to say “Get used to the lack of money, as there is nothing you can do.” At this age, there are many opportunities to work and grow your wealth.