Five over 50s ladies of Instagram

They’re beautiful, stylish, fit, and unbelievably good looking. We all want to look like they when we grow up. Here’re five women in their 50s, 60s and further whose accounts you don’t want to miss on Instagram.

Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah’s 60, and she has 48,800 followers. No wonder: with her daring style that mixes sport, ethnic and vintage clothes and her passion for vintage, Sarah’s posting photos that can brighten any home feed.

Misja Beijers

Misja is a street style photographer. At 62, she’s sure that people shouldn’t try to look younger than they are. After fifty, Misja says, the beauty is in being natural.

Melanie Kobayashi aka Miz Bagg

Based in Vancouver, Melanie is an artist and a street style blogger. She shows that life at 50s is colorful, diverse, and full of experiments and new experiences.

Baddie Winkle

Baddie is, and we quote, ‘stealing your man since 1928’. Baddie loves bright colors, t-shirts with bold writings and having fun while posing for the camera.


Chinami Mori is using her account to post photos of the clothes she makes — and her grandmother Emiko, 93, who’s trying them. The two have so much fun, and anyone would love to be as cheerful as Emiko is, at any age.