Patricia Gorg, Who Rides A Harley

At 61, Patricia realized her most coveted wish. She bought herself a Harley-Davidson bike, overcame her fear, and now happily rides it around for fun.

Patricia Gorg dreamed about a Harley her whole life. When she was 30, she sold her very old motorcycle, on which, as she says, she “rode through a marriage and a divorce.” That’s when she decided that her next iron horse would definitely have to be a Harley. No more compromises. But, it turned out that it took the next three decades to turn that promise into reality.

“Life moved along and I kept putting my dream aside,” she admits. “You know how it goes. Last winter, I discovered that I’m nearly 61 and still don’t have a Harley!”

Gorg decided that she could no longer put her dream aside. She got out her savings, went to the showroom and bought herself a red Harley-Davidson 883. She named her new bike Pepper.

Then, she decided to test if she still remembered how to ride — thirty years later!

“At first, I was very scared,” says the biker. “I even fell a few times. But, every time, I got up and got back behind the wheel.” This summer, I rode nearly 8000 miles and now, finally, feel much more confident on the bike.” Patricia Gorg isn’t planning any long-distance rides. At 61, she just rides her Harley to the store and to go dancing (Rock and Roll, of course), and is quite happy.

Patricia Gorg believes that the main key to health and happiness is to not stop doing your favorite things.

“There’s no need to be afraid of age,” she says. “Keep doing the things you love at 60 and at 70. Some people will say you’re insane. That’s okay — they are just jealous because they haven’t resolved to change their lives.”