Sarah Jane Adams, 59, Who Took a Look at Herself

Sarah Jane Adams has never thought of herself as beautiful. Since she was a young girl she’s been convinced her looks are average. No, a little bit worse than that, even. After turning fifty, however, Sarah Jane became a style icon for thousands of women around the globe. Her new-found fame allowed her to make her dream come true.

The fifty-nine-year-old Sarah Jane Adams has two grown-up daughters, a loving husband and a small business she really cares about. Sara Jane sells vintage jewelry — something she knows really well. One day the daughters persuaded her to sign up for a social network so that she could post photos of the accessories on sale.

‘I wasn’t on good terms with the internet but I liked the idea’, says Sarah Jane. ‘I started showing pictures of my jewelry to attract customers. In the beginning I didn’t have many subscribers.’

Photo credit: Ari Seth Cohen

Her account was likely to stay that way, with a couple of hundred subscribers, but one day Sarah Jane posted her own portrait. It was a joke more than anything else. Just a plain photo of her in a plain sport jacket against a plain white wall, and yet within hours the number of her followers exploded.

At first Sarah Jane decided there was something wrong with her computer and the figures she was seeing weren’t real.

‘You see, I have never thought of myself as a beautiful woman. I am one of those girls whose mothers said, “Nothing to write home about”. Now, my mother, she was a real beauty. So my sudden popularity on the social networks at the age of 59 surprises me. Especially when people write something along the lines of “I would love to look like her when I am her age”. They write this very often. It is very unusual and very nice.’

The thing is, as Sarah Jane aged she became better and better at looking great and stylish in the most ordinary clothes (she prefers sportswear and often buys it in second-hand stores).

Åhléns ads in Stockholm

Soon Sara Jane got an email from a New York-based photographer Ari Seth Cohen, the author of a very popular blog about beautiful and stylish older women. It just so happened that he was in Australia, where Sarah Jane lives, presenting his latest book. After Ari took a photo of Sarah Jane and posted it on his blog she started getting email from all around the world. People were expressing their admiration for her, they were grateful for her being an inspiration for them, they were inviting her to collaborate with them. Her sudden fame nudged Sara Jane towards at last fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams. She and her husband sold their house in Australia and started their round-the-world voyage. It became possible because these days on every continent there are many friends of Sarah Jane’s who are simply thrilled to meet her in person.

‘Everybody thinks we are simply mad,’ says Sara Jane. ‘But I have decided I don’t want to be one of those people who sit in one place all their life and leave a lot of junk behind. I’d better roam the Earth, meeting new friends, hunting for all things vintage.’’