A Short Guide on Attendance Allowance and How to Claim It Successfully

Everyone has hard times and there are financial problems in lives of many of us. Especially as you get older in retirement with pensions being at times pretty dismal.

There is a special attendance allowance, which implies free financial assistance from the state. If you meet the criteria and you application is successful, you can receive a fixed amount weekly.

However, some pitfalls prevent everyone from receiving their payment. Therefore, it is important to understand what attendance allowance is, what benefits this allowance has and how you can claim it.

What is an attendance allowance?

In general, the attendance allowance is a special payment that is issued when you need financial assistance supporting yourself.

If you match all the necessary criteria, you will receive about either £55.65 (lower rate) or £83.10 (higher rate) weekly. The specific amount of money depends on the scale of the assistance that you need and which band you fall in to. This can be crucial in helping to stay afloat, to try to be independent as you once were.

The application procedure is a simple process. To do this, you need to fill out an attendance allowance form to see if you are eligible. When filling out the application, it is necessary to be honest and fully describe your situation (be honest) about why you need an allowance.

Am I eligible to claim attendance allowance?

If you meet any of the following criteria to be able to claim attendance allowance:

· You need to be over 65.

· You need help for a period longer than six months.

· You need assistance with personal hygiene.

· You need individual supervision during the day and at night.

· You need financial assistance.

· You have a disability and disease.

In what cases can I not receive attendance allowance?

If you meet the attendance allowance criteria, you need to be aware that you cannot claim this allowance if you receive a disability allowance from DLA or PIP.

Advantages of attendance allowance

Benefits of attendance allowance include:

· Payments continue as long as you still require support.

· The attendance allowance does not impact other payments you may receive, such as your pension.

· The allowance is not only payments but also additional assistance. In particular, this may be a reduction in the tax charge, which depends on the individual case.

· If your attendance allowance stops, you can receive payments through DLA and PIP as you did before.

· You can re-apply for attendance allowance if you require it in the future.

If you are seeking elderly care for yourself or for your relative, attendance allowance can provide vital support you may need at this challenging time in your life. For more information visit here