7 Daily Habits to look Attractive

In this world of social media, everyone is trying to look smart, attractive and beautiful. But I’d say that attractiveness not only makes you social acceptable but also charges you up with a great amount of confidence.

Attractive i.e. not only referred to handsome/beautiful faces but a clean, active, smart and fit personality accounts to be an attractive person.

So people here are some daily habits you must start with to boost the level of your attractiveness.

P.S.-The following tips are going to give results in a long run , so please don’t quit thinking of no results. These all are self tested habits.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is a very important component of the day. The part where your brains rests and various body parts are becoming ready to get ready next day.

Less sleep result in dark circles and skin damage too (causing the skin to start loosing its tightness). That coffee you drink in the office to keep yourself awake may somewhere affects in confidence, conscience and skin.

Make sure to have enough sleep to recover all the tiredness of the day.

2. Balanced Diet

We have been listening many quotes regarding Health since our childhood.

But never focussed on the important ingredient to get that wealth into action. And that is proper diet. A proper healthy diet helps you in daily curiculum, your thoughts, your actions, your activities are all by- products of your diet.

Your eating habits results in your body shape, your skin’s health too.

So please start having a balanced diet with cereals, fruits, pulses and veggies in it which helps in your vitamins, daily amount of carbs and minerals.

Limit the amount of friend food and spicy food you have daily and don’t forget about sweets and chocolates too.

If you can’t quit all the fried stuff, snacks and sweets, just start with limitting the amount like if you ate chocolate daily then start having it on an alternate basis.

I am not saying that you should never eat them like in my case I eat all these kind of stuff once in a week. I have a day off from healthy food and eat junk but yeah in limited quantity.

3. Posture

With all this addiction to social media and phones and all day long sitting jobs our posture has become quiet messy.

Science says that a good posture not only boosts confidence but also increase the amount of good hormones in the body.

Well a good posture increases the attention given to you in a room. You sit along the chair with chest uptight and shoulder backtight like I can give perfect example of Harvey Specter from ‘Suits’.

A loose posture intentionally signals the other person about your non-interest about the topic.

Stand like you own the space and you are the man in the room…

Body language speaks a lot with your verbal language. Body language tells about your dominence, how interesting your topic is…

For more body language and body posture habits and benefits can be gathered from Youtube.

4. Skin Care

Skin care is an important step towards looking more attractive.

Check what’s your skin type is. Is it oily, dry or whatever it or is it filled with wrikles and dark circles and marks.

Get a product according to it. As the skin starts aging, your charm and charisma may fell down. Skin care can help you look younger. Well I am not saying to spend hours and hours to make look yourself handsome in the mirror. I am just saying that start washing your face twice a day to protect it from all the dirt it gone through and use some products; not chemicals; but some healthy products whic help you rid of it.

5. Workout

Please workout. Workout at the gym or anywhere in the park it doesn’t matter.

Workingout not only releases endorphin but also boost your nervous system and confidence to a differtent level.

There are numerous benefits of workingout like it keeps you happy reducing the stress levels, boosts sleep, healthier day, boosts confidence for systemised goal achieving, keeps you disease free etc.

Simply there isn’t any disadvantage of workingout rather it comes with numerous benefits.

You can start with a morning walk or stretching while sitting in your chair.

Yoga, weighlifting anything will help you and your body in numerous ways, giving your body a shape making you more attractive day by day.

6. Limit the amount of Cigarettes and alcohol

Limit the amount of alcohol and cigarettes. Do it ocassionaly, not on addiction basis.

I know may be hard to quit that very habit, but you will find the results very quickly.

A report states that after 2 days of quitting smoking the nerves to the brain will open at a drastic level.

Form a stability in life. Limitting the amount will show your level self consiousness and discipline.

Well here’s a tip to quit smoking: Whenever you feel about it’s time to smoke go get a run at fast pace in the form of cardio. You will not feel any urge for cigarettes for the very moments body tends to stay away from from unhealthy practices after cardiovascular activity.

7. Optimistic and goal orientation

Motivation and optimism is very important in life. Somewhere it plays a very important role in life like a driver in your car. Many values like time management, goal and future oriented actions lead you to a wonderful life where you might end up becoming someone’s role model. People will try to talk to you, share views with you when you change your life to motivated and optimistic.

Some of my types to be charged, motivated and optimistic is to plan your day.

Get up in the morning, have a diary and write your top priorities of the day. Make your time adjustments accordingly and start working on . Start with short term goals but do make that time table. Time table must be revised on the daily basis with basic editings to not be bored of it.

Now if you the above advise you find your day way more productive and alive. Studies show that writing down the goals and adjusting the plans and time accordingly that day results in atleast 70% of that goal completion.

Bonus Tip which I feel is a necessary part of my day is dressing properly.

I am teenager, so I don’t buy expensive clothes but I do wear them in a neat and proper manner, the outfit that fits to my body because:

PS. I am a great fan of Suits and Harvey Specter