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<Rends-moi une bonne éducation et je te donnerai un bon salaire)

Rendre : remettre quelque chose entre les mains de celui à qui il appartient, quelle que soit la manière dont il l’a reçu. Récupérer certaines choses dont nous avons été privés, que nous avons perdues, comme la santé, la force du corps etc… Education : L’action d’élever pour former un enfant, un jeune homme, une jeune fille, pour développer ses facultés intellectuelles et morales résulte de cette action.

Échelonnée : Rémunération du travail. Récompense pour les services rendus. Que veut dire l’auteur, donc tout ce…

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Picture this:

It’s a cold, winter morning. 1 AM. You can hear the sound of the rain pattering violently on your bedroom windows.

Thankfully, you’re tucked away in the warmth of your house, by a crackling fireplace.

Ideally, you should be asleep, but you had to stay up ‘till late to catch up on some work. When duty calls, you must answer. Right?

Sitting at your home office desk, typing away at the keyboard, you let the words flow out of your fingertips.

You’re a night owl — night-time is when your creativity burns the brightest.

Unfortunately, night-time is also

—why toxic positivity is a volcano waiting to erupt

Illustration by Cdd20

We all face our own storms in life — swirling tornadoes of problems that crash into us, turning our worlds upside down.

For some, that storm may be anxiety, the wrenching fear of having to jump out of bed and face everyday life. For others, the storm may be depression, the feeling of an undending sadness. From debts to marriagal issues to loneliness, life always has another storm to send our way. Only, we all choose to handle the storms in our own ways.

For a long time in my life, I was someone who suffered in silence, preferring to…

the secret to writing good essays

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The fiery flames of creativity can burn anywhere, at any moment. Bright ideas can kindle my interest when I’m sitting on the bus; driving to work or even wandering through a forest. Wherever, whenever — good ideas don’t knock on the door before they enter the home of your thoughts.

Ideas come and go, and the experiences we unravel in life generally translate into the ideas we write about.

For me, the ideas are not the problem; the delivery is the problem. Sometimes, I find it challenging to capture my thoughts into clear explanations — to expand my arguments into…

how cutting-edge technology is helping in the fight against crime

Photo by: Joshua Woroniecki

Sergio Caltagirone spends his days working at an industrial cybersecurity company, hunting for intelligence threats to oil rigs and dams.

He spends his nights, however, hunting for a different kind of predator: human traffickers.

When we look through the lens of history, it’s clear to see that in the last one hundred years, technology has evolved at a groundbreaking rate. Twenty years ago, you couldn’t rent an Airbnb, stream movies from Netflix or book an Uber from the comfort of your smartphone.

In the past ten years, however, there has been a rise in cutting-edge technology. And many tech-savvy heroes…

— a short story

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Sol was aware that time travel was real.

He was also aware that you didn’t need Doctor Who’s TARDIS or the car from Back to The Future to do it.

You just needed to find the red telephone box on Yesterday Street.

The legendary tale of Léo Major

Illustration by: ArtTower

Read the book of history for long enough, and you will start to notice a pattern:

There are heroes in every chapter of history.

Heroes who rise from the ashes of disaster, their bones broken, but their heads unbowed.

Heroes who defy all the odds stacked against them.

Heroes who display unflinching courage in the face of death.

Private Léo Major was one such hero. His story is one chapter of history that will forever be remembered.

Léo Major’s story began on January 23, 1921. He was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts to French-Canadian parents. …

— a short story

Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash

Erin stomped to her bedroom, her fists clenched, a fiery fury in her eyes.

Today was not her day.

She slammed the door shut behind her.

And in the same moment that the door slammed shut, a boom of thunder echoed in the sky outside. Her bedroom window cracked itself open, and suddenly an unexpected burst of cold air drifted into the room.

The wind howled, fluttering the curtains wildly.

Whenever Erin was angry, nature tended to become . . . wild, violent. That was her little secret.

Except, it wasn’t much of a secret these days. Her tantrums were…

— a short story

Illustration by Jordan Singh

The big hour hand on Sev’s wristwatch lurched forward and struck midnight. Not a second later, the whispers in his head became louder.

A tornado of thoughts swirled around Sev’s mind, and thousands of quiet inner conversations echoed against each other.

Sev sighed.

Midnight was supposed to be a quiet time. A time when the world fell asleep and the chaos of everyday life faded into the distant background.

But for Sev, the world was always louder at night. And that was all thanks to the voices.

Sev had the power to listen to other people’s thoughts. Telepathy was what…

Christian I.

Believer. My name is Christian. I write to escape the busy chaos of everyday life. Trying to understand myself better through words.

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