Hi! thanks so much for posting this has been a massive help.

Hey, although i don’t see an /images folder in my material theme folder, i understand that webpack can’t resolve this directory. If this directory does exist in your semantic-less package then the issue may have to do with the @imagePath variable. You try overriding it the same way we did with fonts by adding the following line at the very end of your theme.config file inside the /my-semantic-themfolder:

// add this line
@imagePath : '../../themes/@{theme}/assets/images';
// try replacing the @{theme} with your selected theme as well

If this doesn’t work please try to find where exactly does webpack try to resolve this specific file and perhaps add an webpack-alias if the path is relative. I could help you set it up if that’s the case, although you would follow the same guidelines as the alias setting for the theme.config inside this article

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