I sued my high school for censorship and won
ACLU of Northern CA

Legal Or illegal that is the question?!!!

Free or not free thats the question?!!!

People can put their finger to their nose, they can Vomit on face of others, just because these are not illegal, (with your logic).

Read some books about Causality. When something is not illegal this does n’t mean we should do that. law doesn’t say anything about someone with a dangerous disease that he/she has to stay in hospital, so he/she should come out and spread disease among others?

We do lots of things just because we can do them not for we think about them, your logic is not Logic it’s more like Fallacy.

Go to coursera and take this course “Unethical decision making in organizations ”, it said huge amount of casualties, Tragedies and … did by good people as they are not aware of consequences of their decisions.

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