Raw Milk Is Bad And Will Make You Literally Die
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

Greetings. I’m still laughing at the that comment that raw milk is literally poison. So incredibly uninformed it’s funny.

After reading this article, I understood that the author doesn’t know the facts, especially facts established by researching actual people living with illness and nearly dying by drinking the impotent runny liquid we know as milk in the supermarkets all their lives.

My grandmother was a healthy farm child drinking glasses full of pure raw milk daily all of her childhood. But pasteurized/refined milk, sugar and flour at the city grocery was all she had as an adult (when she married at age 15). Because of this lack of unpasteurized foods, her health dove so low in just a few years that most of my memories of her raising me, was of her in bed. My mother’s memories of grandma are the same, even when grandma was only 19, four years after she married and moved to the city.

Failed to be mentioned here is that scientist do understand that, despite the “bad things” in raw milk, there are so many good things that we cannot be healthy without, and that those good things are killed off during processing, just as with wheat, sugar and all refined and processed foods.

AND, from those scientist who include ill people’s physical reactions to raw milk, we’ve learned that those very good things within raw milk that are pasteurized away are the difference between life and death for millions of Americans.

Unfortunately for us, those missing good things in raw milk will make us healthy enough to fight off the bad things in raw milk, and healthy enough to fight off oh so much more. That is, IF we are allowed to drink milk as it was meant to be.

I’m no scientist, just a person sick and unable to even go grocery shopping most of my life.

And, thanks to raw milk, there were a handful of years where I was forced, by circumstances to drink only local raw milk from both goats and cows. I even churned my own raw butter from it.

Those years were my only healthy years. My health improved so much I became a landscape photographer that Santa Fe’s Rio Grande Sun lauded in Volume 51, Number 38 on June 19 2009, and many other newspapers in several states at my group and solo exhibits.

Now THAT’S healthy , active living. Hiking the mountains of northern NM is something I couldn’t have even discovered had my health not improved vastly.

Unfortunately I no longer live there and enjoy the privilege of drinking raw cow and goat milk daily, and my health again has declined to being almost completely homebound.

Doctors have confirm the damage done to my health from a lifetime of eating processed foods such as our supermarket milk.

So for the sake of people who actually live with autoimmune diseases and mitochondrial deficits that keep them mostly housebound, please please please don’t scare those individuals away from a healthier quality of life with one-sided “research” that offers actual lies like: raw milk is literally poison.

Things have to be viewed through both test tubes and through the lens of heavy research into actual peoples’ health who actually lived on raw milk for years and thrived miraculously and why, as opposed to the FDA taking away things just because they’ve studied only in test tubes.

Having any Autoimmune disease was considered being a hypochondriac just a short 30 years ago. I know that from experience.

Now scientists know how wrong they were and what huge apologies they owe to every person they told there was nothing wrong with them.

Hindsight makes those scientist/doctors look like comic book villiians making fun of the ill just because they were ignorant of facts. The same is true today and will be true for eons uncountable. It will continue to be true because we are so arrogant we think that our current knowledge is the all-incompassingTRUTH!

And as all other medical/scientific “beliefs,” in another 30 years there will be articles proclaiming how ignorant of facts were the “belief” that raw pure milk harms us. This scientific ignorance of the way those “good” and “bad” factors in raw milk work together to form and beautifully complete picture of what HEALTHY raw milk is.

This very scientific ignorance is what make us continue our quest for the facts. It’s a very very good thing, our scientific ignorance.

Scientific ignorance is only bad when this ignorance of, as yet undiscovered facts, prompts us to harm others by making something so healthy illegal.

No. No one has the right to steal my health, just because their incomplete science says so.

Maybe we will finally learn to research how to NOT strip aways all the “necessary-to-life” nutrients in our foods along with the bad things. That is true science. Science that helps, not hurts, us. And most important of all, allows us to pursue these healthy aspects of eating, EVEN when popular science hasn’t yet caught up with us.

I love science and bore my friends by often sharing the amazing scientific feats we all enjoy because of the dedication of the world’s scientists. But research must cover all existing and projected sides of an issue or else scare tactics like this abound!

Oh and a sidebar: Raw goats and cows milk tastes so incredibly delicious that when at parties where people served cake, I’d decline and request a few large cold glasses of goat milk, which tastes even better than cow’s.

The secret is to never let them eat certain things. Make sure their fields offer only the ingredients that make their milk so sweet and thick and rich it’s like a desert. That’s what healthiest for the goats and cows too.

Thankx for letting me give my two cents. I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments here also.