Why Aren’t Baby Boomers Eating Pho?
Jennifer Wright

Wake up people. This is NOT A JOKE. It’s so poorly written. It’s simply more Fake News exactly like the multitude of Fake News reports during this last two years of campaigning.

It is never a joke when you publish lies and slander and completely made up quotes/stories about anything. AND then write it up journalistically, never making so much as a tiny disclaimer that the entire article is false. What a waste of writing and reading time.

So, I’m gonna waste more time than I wasted just reading this farce. Here goes my fake serious journalistic rebuttal:

I can’t believe the ignorance of history shown by “Oona, a 26 year old, sheds light on the problem explaining that…. (if she even exists. I’m writing my comments as if this is a serious reporting job, just as the author did here.)

“When asked how she thought Baby Boomers might respond to delicacies, she replied, “They would probably be less inclined to opt for a broth based soup and more inclined to hurl the bowl against the wall while claiming that America must be made great again. By that, they mean having America revert to a time where they would not be called racist for owning actual slaves.”

Prejudice? A Baby Boomer? Never seen that, or even heard of it. That’s a good one, Oona — IF you were talking about the generations before AND after us. We were the first generation who was completely accepting of all colors, races and gender choices, before there was even a name for all that. We always jus called it loving thy neighbor. Period.

And she went on to “EXPLAIN?” what Baby Boomers are: “Oona, a 26 year old, sheds light on the problem explaining that, “baby boomers love destroying things, whether it’s local Vietnamese soup shops, the economy, or the housing market.”

Unbelievable. Just a cursory look at Baby Boomer history proves that everything she accused us of, is actually everything we spent our entire lives fighting against, and so much more I can’t list it all.

Destroy the housing market? Yes, possibly if anyone had listened to us, because way before tiny homes off the grid, we were doing that!!! Before there was even a name for it. We even lived in communes (communities) of people who wanted to heal the earth by living off the grid and the land. But that DID NOT expand to America’s way of thinking until recently. But Baby Boomer got America started thinking that way during the decades since we were born.

We did not destroy the economy. I’m still laughing at that one, well, I guess laughing no more than I’ve been laughing over this entire farce of an artice. That came a few generations after us Baby Boomers. AGAIN, a cursory look at 20th century history reveals that “Oona” doesn’t have much of an education or respect for speaking the truth. Why would anyone ever speak lies as truth and then call it a joke? Maybe a millennial?

We worked and sacrificed (something a millennial apparently doesn’t understand if “Oona” is an example) to bring the world together, eradicate prejudice and, in a nutshell eradicate everything that comes out of Trumps mouth, (the Trump who “Oona” quoted in her assessment of Baby Boomers).

That’s enough time on this. I’ve wasted far too much time trying to get through to the author/readers of this farce.

I’m heading off again to enjoy my Pho.

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