The Humble ‘CV’ Needs A Little Grooming!

Life is but a journey. A journey of one’s growth unfolding each day altering one’s personality in some manner or the other. In today’s fast expanding world of digital technology one can easily capture their life onto the virtual space. Change is a constant we must catch up with. This everyday journey that we undertake unknowingly can turn out to be a gold mine for prospective employers. It’s like C.S Lewis once said-” day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything has changed”. Its this change that shapes our personality into who we are, and we need to keep track of it. In simpler terms, the point I’m trying to make is that the all important ‘CV’ needs to be changed. It needs to be redefined. Most of us believe that life is a story. Stories are magical, exciting, full of surprises, and if its well crafted it instills a sense of anticipation of what may happen next. If you believe in that, then your CV should look like that. It should be captivating enough to elicit your employer’s interest just by looking at the Title, and as the chapters unfold it should give a deep and proper insight into who you are. Not just your academic and work achievements but also your beliefs, values, and opinions, enabling one to see whether they resonate with the organization’s culture and beliefs or not and to what extent. It should be brief and concise, and at the same time intricately detailed, giving the viewer the option to explore it on his own terms. Your CV should be able to showcase who you are horizontally as well as vertically. Simply meaning that if they wish to just skim through it, they should be able to and if they wish to explore it in depth, then they should have the freedom to do that as well. Putting yourself on a well decorated silver platter, leaving it to the expert hands of your prospective employer to probe and explore in any manner that they please, that’s your new and redefined ‘CV’ should look like. Ultimately it shows who your are and nothing less.

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