Resistance is Futile! Review of a Mind-Blowing Ride: the London Real Business Accelerator

For the past eight weeks, I’ve been on an adventure like never before.

I’ve been dreaming for so long about setting up my own business, but don’t we all? Deep down we are all “wantrepreneurs”. At every dinner party I go to, it doesn’t take long before the conversation turns to how all of us are planning to one day quit the rat race and set up that café in Berlin, open a surfing school in the south of France or live off rental proceeds in Thailand while finally writing that book. And yet, few people ever do anything about it.

My dream has been my own news or content business — that’s where my skills meet my passion. My chance to take action came when Brian Rose, the host of the London Real podcast, said on his show he was opening up his Business Accelerator course again to help people build a digital business. I knew I wanted in.


Fast-forward eight weeks and now I have a rudimentary but value-packed digital product, which I can start selling and a toolkit to take the business where I want it to get to.

The journey has been one dizzying rollercoaster ride of vlogging challenges, first-time webinars, long nights and tears but also lots of laughs with the 100-plus amazing people from all over the world that shared this experience. It’s been hell of a ride!

Teaching people to build a digital business from scratch is already no small feat but wait until you hear some of the life lessons Brian and the team have been giving us to make sure we’re in the right headspace to be entrepreneurs. There were too many to mention, from always giving value to taking extreme ownership of everything we do. Let me share with you three of my highlights:


The course introduced me to the notion of resistance. Of course coming up with excuses not to do tasks that looked just a little bit difficult or running away when something unexpected comes up are all too familiar. But now it has name. And that makes it easier to recognise it and fight it!

It’s mostly how fear manifests itself. “Go where the fear is! Push through it,” I hear Brian say. My team leader Christina Castaneda even made a teammate hold a webinar by candlelight when the electricity had gone out.


I always used to edit and then re-edit things and then tweak them some more. But I learned the hard way that perfectionism is just another from of procrastination. On this full-on course it would have been impossible to complete nearly anything if you insisted on making it perfect.

I learned through posting videos without retakes and running a webinar without preparing enough that done is better than perfect. I was told if you want to get anywhere in business, start before you’re ready.


We were tested hard and pushed to the limit and, oh boy, did we face resistance!

One of the unforgettable moments was when Brian showed up on a call in a T-shirt spelling the word DOOG. In the mirror that of course reads “Good.” He gave us a motivational lesson from former US Navy SEAL and author Jocko Willink, who says when you come up against hardships, just say GOOD.

“If you have enough breath to say the words GOOD, that means you have enough fight left in you,” Brian cited Jocko as saying. Reload, recalibrate and go on the attack! — he told us.

These takeaways will stay with me for sure and help me deal with tough times in life as well as in business. That’s why I say next time you hear Brian Rose urging you to pull the trigger. Just do it.

Resistance is futile!