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The current mobile app marketing landscape has been tried and tested by everyone. It is not that it does not produce results. But each and everyone is doing that and on top of it does not guarantee that your customer will stick. There are so many great examples where things just ran into business because of good word of mouth.

Also, there are so many small things that we do not pay attention to. …

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Did you remember those summer noons and evenings where one used to go to the nearest Kirana shop? The deal was simple to purchase a toffee or two. Sometimes our mothers would take us there and we would wait for our turn to ask for our grocery. One by one, we would speak of all the items and then would pay by cash. Well, a lot of that is still there but a lot of that has changed too.

Over a couple of years, Technology has taken the local store owners ahead. It is something that has been radically seen. Local Indian Shop Owners or Kirana Stores Stood 10 feet away from the technology. Although, when demonetisation was announced, a lot of Kirana store owners had to reprise the way they take payment. …

Over a couple of years, the expansion of the gaming industry has been quite rampant. The number of people who are playing video games is increasing like wildfire. Video Games has become an industry which is making billions yearly. As per the statistics of 2017, the industry was worth around $18.4 billion. Also, it has been expected that the industry can spike up to $230 billion by 2022.

Although, the future for gaming beholds something quite exceptional. Initially, it sounded like a dream for many people to watch movies and play music on the go. Although after the global internet speed became better, streaming services came into being. Also, the hardware to perform streaming effectively became mainstream(especially with the inclusion of Smartphone and better processors for desktop & PCs). …


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