A Fair Chance

Have you ever been in a situation where you were injured or needed to go to the hospital, only to change your mind once you stopped to think about how much it was all going to cost? Well if you haven’t, congrats. But there are thousands of Americans that have, and they have a real issue getting the help they need when they need it most — all because they can’t afford it.

Now you may say, “Didn’t Obamacare just solve this problem? Doesn’t everyone have health insurance, now?” Not quite. Currently over 30 million Americans (roughly about 10 percent of the population) are still without health insurance.

So the question is how do we fix the problem? Well, the first step is getting large corporations to care more about their employees, and less about their bottom line.

Are We Past the Days of Moral Responsibility?

When managing employees, there is, or at least there should be, an aspect of human responsibility behind it. If employers really care about their employees, and truly value the time and effort they put into making the company money, why not make sure they are taken care of?

Do you think workers at WalMart, McDonald’s, or another similar multinational corporation can afford the proper health coverage while supporting themselves (and possibly an entire family) on minimum wage? And the more important question, do you think any of those places care if they can’t? Probably not. As long as those companies are making money and people need jobs to live (which, last time I checked they are, and we do), I wouldn’t expect things to change any time soon.

We’ve Had Enough of Capitalism in America

And unfortunately, that’s the problem with capitalism; it’s money over everything. While the millionaires are fine to fend for and take care of themselves, what about the people that work for them? You know, the ones working every single day to make them money? Well, more often than not, those people get utterly and unequivocally screwed, and it’s just not fair. It shouldn’t be about money, it should be about morals.

There’s no reason people in the US should have to think twice about calling an ambulance when they get injured, or to call the fire department when their house is engulfed in flames, just because they know they can’t handle the financial liabilities that accompany those situations. Someone needs to be held accountable — someone has to care.

And the saddest part is, there are plenty of companies offering excellent health care coverage to their employees that aren’t taking a hit on their bottom line. Take Starbucks, for example; they provide ALL of their employees with excellent health, vision, and dental coverage options, as well as competitive pay. And last time I checked, they were doing just fine.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Giving a Shit

While everyone may not see it this way, that’s how I see it — and at my company, that’s how we do things. To me, employees are more than just numbers, and more than just the bottom line. I know and understand that they’re people just like me, with families, and friends, and people that care about them. And I’m also smart enough (or just have enough general common sense) to realize that these are the folks that are making me money, and without them, there would be no business. And because of that, I want to make sure they are able to take care of themselves, their spouses, and even their kids/pets for those that have them.

And to me, that’s the way everyone should see things. Employees are not just numbers or revenue. They are people, with homes, families, kids, and financial responsibilities of their own. And they work their ass off for my business, so the very least I can do is return the favor.

So maybe that’s what it’s going to take, more people realizing that we’re all the same. That we’re all just people. We all want to live comfortably, we all want to be able to take care of ourselves, and our families.

So if you see someone in need, or if you have your own employees, start working for them, start acting like they matter, and most importantly, start acting like you care. Remember, helping people in need, even in the smallest of ways, is the single greatest thing you can do in life.