Google I/O 2017 and my expectations #io17

How often do we get a mail from Google inviting us to its biggest developer festival? Being a recipient of one such invitation I’m brawling with my keyboard keys while typing this out of sheer excitement. On a beautiful evening I received this mail and I was all YAAYY!

Being a Android developer this is almost a dream come true moment!

For someone who is 13,928 km away from the place where this event happens, cost($$$) of such excitements and experiences comes high. Big thanks to Zoho(I work here!) for being as excited as I was and supporting me to attend this developer carnival. With everything in place, I’m all geared up for attending the Google I/O 2017 event held at Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California. With Google I/O being the reason for my first trip to US, my expectations from this event is endless. Now here is what I expect from Google I/O 2017.

Android O

Google has been releasing iterations of its latest OS prior to the I/O event each year. We saw Android O developer preview early this year. I am quite sure we will receive the next iteration of Android O during this event. We might also get more insights about the revamped notification systems and Notification channels. It is also likely that Google will talk about battery improvements and Bluetooth 5.0 support.


Just a week prior to the event, we saw a mysterious OS from Google that creeped its way towards light. Though the OS is open sourced, Google remains silent about it. It would be great if Google can reveal what it’s upto with Fuchsia. This might also shed some light on the future of Flutter and Dart.

Google Home

We saw the launch of Google Home last year and it would no surprise if Google announces its next successor this year. We could already see Amazon and Apple gearing up to pose some serious competition in the home automation sector. We could may be expect a combination of Google Wifi and Google Home kind of device this year.


Google launched Daydream VR last year and there hasn’t been much noise about it since then. I expect few major announcements about it this year. With Samsung Gear VR doing good in the market, Google would surely give a tough fight is my belief. Let’s see!

Augmented Reality (AR)

We saw Facebook(at F8) pulling out cracker of a show with its AR magic. Facebook’s plan confirms the key role of AR in our everyday lives in the coming years. With Google’s own Tango, it should be no surprise if Google can bring out something much better than what Facebook did at F8.

Besides these announcements, I do expect Google to pullout some great knowledge gathering developer sessions and after hours parties. Now that I have listed my expectation, let’s see how it matches with Google’s plan. Stay tuned, will keep things posted here. Bye all!