5 Ways in Which Agile CRM can Help Small Businesses

Agile — A Small Business CRM!

Are you a small business looking for that one magic potion that helps you iron out your sales and marketing processes?

Does your Sales and Marketing teams always struggle to keep log of contacts, sometimes drop the ball on following up in the exact moment when your lead is interested, and slip-up in meeting sales targets?

Have you ever wondered what makes for a good small business CRM?

A Small Business Scenario

Imagine a scenario in which your sales representative has a couple of leads in the kitty and they are at different stages of their sales cycle. One of them is a cold lead and the other a warm one. Your SR obviously needs to change tactics nurturing them before it can be converted to a customer. The SR would ideally need to follow the steps below before any of these leads convert:

  1. Maintain a log of these leads/contacts.
  2. Create two different strategy to outreach to them.
  3. Follow up on the contact at regular intervals with the designed cadence; which would involve a set of defined activities at specific touchpoints.
  4. Be in the look out for a response from the contact and shift gears if there is one from the contact.

All this while let’s not forget the SR is also scouting for more leads to add to his pipeline. In case any of the cold leads need to be educated about the product then that’s an added step to the entire process. Then small businesses also have to deal with the pressure of being able to effectively service their existing customer base.

Let me introduce you to Agile CRM! — An integrated platform that conveniently and affordably manages your sales, marketing, and support operations. A CRM that was built to help small businesses run effective sales, marketing, and support functions without losing sleep, and at the same time they could focus their energies on growing their business from strength to strength.

Top 5 Reasons why Agile is a Small Business CRM!

  1. Convert your list of contacts to numbers that matter $$$

Most small businesses struggle to convert all their sales activities to revenue as they spend most of their time in designing a great sales process but they struggle to execute it at scale. Agile is the perfect SMB solution that helps you convert leads into figures that matter most to you — REVENUE. All the steps we discussed at the beginning can be done in a jiffy using Agile CRM. You automatically create deals, assign them to your sales representatives, add tasks for follow up calls and more. So, you can now define your sales process once and let Agile do the rest for you.

  1. Improve your quality of Leads

Agile empowers you with useful integrations that help you get more information on your leads. One such extension is Agile’s Chrome Extension that works to extract lead details from social media.

For instance if you found a contact on Linkedin, with Agile’s Chrome Extension you can move this contact directly into Agile. Also, once you add the contact, you can use the Email Finder widget to look up the right email address of your lead.

This way, the more information you have on a lead, the more details you capture and the better you understand the customer’s needs. Once, you know when and what the customer needs, it becomes that much more easier for you to close a deal.

  1. Expand Your Reach with Social Suite

Social Media today is a platform that cannot be ignored by any big or small business. Small Businesses, usually in their scuffle for resources tend to sometimes under utilize social media to grow their brand, leads, and their overall business. With Agile CRM, you can monitor your social media accounts directly from Agile. You can stay ahead of the competition with the ultimate social small business CRM.

  1. Know exactly when is your Contact is Ready for the Leap

It is important for all businesses to know exactly when is a good time for the customer to take the plunge. Knowing that precisely becomes a little more important for small businesses, as conversions are key to their success. With Agile CRM, you can track your prospects’ activities starting from clicking on the email, to visiting your website, to finally converting. Know their interests, time spent, location, referer and segment them based on their web activity.

  1. Service your customers like a pro

With Agile CRMs Service features, any small business can service their existing customer base like pro. With a wide array of features like Smartviews, workflows, ticket labelling, canned responses, reports, recommendations and integrations, small and medium businesses can ramp up their customer service and excel at it. Agile CRM puts support at your fingertips and improves the journey for your customers making them loyal to your product for long term.

Agile CRM was a software that was created out of a similar need that small businesses like yours today face to find a solution that is Scalable, Proven, Efficient and importantly something that would not cost you a bomb. So, it has at its heart the need and understanding of a small business’s DNA. However, if you still want to research further on the exact features that your business can benefit from read up on small business CRM by Agile.