Fashion Week month is reaching it’s peak, and you might be wondering how does it all stream down to stores.

Fashion seasons can be confusing. Fashion Week just showed us Spring/Summer 2020, products that will only hit the store next March/April (when is not even summer), while in stores right now, designer and retailers are pushing Fall/Winter inventory that were showed in February. And as soon as December comes, there will be more warm weather clothes mixed with fall and heavy winter items. Wait, what?

Fashion is an industry of both anticipation and good timing. Brands try to stay ahead…

In fashion it is very important to have a well defined play area, to create a distinct identity that will resonate with both your consumers and vendors. But many starting businesses get confused with the nuances of the market. When segmenting the fashion market, there are two spectrum to consider: accessibility and trend influence. Let’s unpack it.

First, you have the more traditional spectrum, that is mostly focused (not exclusively) on price. But while the cost of a garments has great influence between exclusivity and accessibility, to categorize your brand on this spectrum you also have to consider distribution —…

O valor econômico e social da indústria a torna muito mais que uma trivialidade.

O que irei vestir hoje? Esta é uma questão que a maioria de nós irá se perguntar todos os dias de nossas vidas. Com uma presença significativa no nosso dia-a-dia, roupas, e portanto a moda, são de grande importância pessoal, social e culturalmente.

Para muitos, a moda se destila a um mercado de super-modelos, desfiles extravagantes, gastos exagerados e alguns narizes em pé. …

The economic and social value of the industry goes beyond triviality.

What am I going to wear today? This is a questions that most of us will ask ourselves every day of our lives. With such a presence in our daily routine, clothes, and thus fashion, are of great importance to us personally, socially and culturally.

For many, the fashion industry is summarized into super-models, extravagant fashion shows, overspending and somewhat pretensions inner circles. …

Fashion and beauty is more than my work, it is my life.

Today I am officially starting my “get out of my head” project. After years immersed one way or another in the world of marketing for consumer brands, I have had my fair share of advising sessions, often in a casual, one-on-one environment. While I always loved those opportunities to exchange expertise, I’d also feel limited, like there was so much more that I could do.

The thing that bothered me most was how my experience sometimes felt inaccessible: working in big corporation gave me specific experience that those…

As Emily Weiss has said “Glossier is not just a beauty company, it is a content company.”

Glossier Promo Material

Glossier has made headlines everywhere due to its fast success. And while its performance has been attribute to many things including its Instagram, conversational style, and Emily herself, all these assets boil down to one thing: content.

As a company that started as a blog, it is no surprise that content is such a huge part of its business. Into The Gloss gained tracking by having very consistent columns that were written as a conversation between two besties. It talked to you, not…

Ana Gillanders Borges

Get your fashion and beauty business of the ground. I write about marketing in the digital world for fashion and beauty.

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