Bias media??? No way!

On february 13, 2017 Kim Jong Un’s half brother Kim Jong Nam died in a Malaysian airport under suspicious circumstances. Upon investigation it was concluded that Nam was killed by poison. After airport surveillance video was released of attackers holding cloths up to Nam’s mouth, news outlets like Fox and CNN commented on the incident. Both Fox News and CNN portrayed the story differently making the viewers perception of what went on skewed according to which source the viewer used.

Right from the start CNN’s headline is altering the perception of the event with their diction: “Kim Jong Nam’s death: Footage surfaces showing attack.” Even though it is not confirmed that Nam was murdered, CNN dubs the event as an attack. Later in the article CNN paints Kim Jong Nam as a suspicious character all together by including a detail how “Kim Jong Nam had been traveling with two passports, one under the name Kim Chol. Kim Jong Nam had a reputation for traveling with false documents.” This detail makes readers in the western world, specifically Americans, to feel further removed from the situation knowing that Nam maybe had it coming and still painting North Korea in a bad light.

Fox News on the other hand straight up uses the word assassination in their article when reporting the event: “…Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport after the apparent assassination.” By using this dictation the journalist creates a stronger emotion emotion inside the reader whether that be anger or fear.

So in knowing that 2 different news sources reporting on the same story can have 2 different portrayals and agendas while writing their articles, it is important to actively challenge your go to news source by reading articles from other sources. This way we, the electorate, will be more informed and individuals will be more aware of bias.

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