You Might Not Need Redux
Dan Abramov

Cool article Dan !

Good move to write about how many parts of an architecture are optional, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to use everything for every apps. Beginners are overwhelmed because the community make them feel they can’t write any app before learning React + react-router + redux + webpack + babel + 15 babel plugins + css modules + blablabla

How do you feel about writing a piece about local versus global state ? I see it coming back often in articles and comments. People have the impression redux or similar approaches make local state completely disappear but it’s just not true. Elm guys have the same pain points if they make everything global, though their language help them a bit more than JS.

global state is not magical, by making everything global, you now have to cleanup your state as you change screens, handle namespace collisions and you really don’t want to put every little piece of state in it either to provide easy to use, encapsulated components (whether a dropdown is opened, which component is being animated, etc)