Hacking into Meraki dashboard API

You probably heard of the recent announcement of Meraki Dashbord API, i was so excited to see that finally those APIs rolling out, but i was very disappointed not to see Users access in those API.

It was a use case that i wanted to do long time ago, i am using Meraki gear in my flat, and from time to time when friends com to visit, it was such a long process to give them access to my wifi, i am using 801.X so i had to logging to the Dashbord (Not mobile friendly) and add the users. what i wanted is simple a mobile app, as soon as some one gets to my network the app would send me a notification to allow them on my network or not.

Basically the whole solution sounded feasible what i needed was a splash page on a separate SSID that would allow users to signing there details name email. a mobile app that would give me notification of new users request to access my wifi, from there my app would make an API call to the dashbord to enrol the new user into my SSID. all of this sounded okay except the last part wish is missing. and unfortunately Meraki didn't realise this feature yet. so i decided to hack my why through the meraki Dashbord.

using Chrome (and probably other browsers) you can investigate any website network activities so i did so on the Dashbord website and i tried to find my way through how to add new users in my network. so i went along to build the rest of my app, and i figured out probably some one else out there is looking to use the same thing for other application. so if you need this feature and you cant just wait for Meraki to release the feature you can go ahead to github and use my code.

Basically i use the cookies from the browser to simulate if a browser user is making the calls to the Dashbord and thats why you can actually take the whole environment and run it from a separate server and it would still look like your are using your local browser.

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